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Cycling Holidays in the Dolomites

The goal you have long dreamed of is at a dizzying 3000 metres, to be reached whatever it costs

The Dolomites… even the sound of this mystical name evokes the idea of impossible challenges in places where humans can barely survive: a land where the winters are bitterly cold and Nature herself is pitiless.
The Dolomites are not “Alps” as we know them; they are in fact a distinct group, quite different in their structure and incredibly awe-inspiring, with great peaks soaring to over 3000 metres.
The itineraries you can follow on these roads are some of the most stupendous in Europe, and there are few mountains in the world which offer you such amazing and evocative views as you find amongst these peaks.
Everywhere you go, whether up at high altitude or amongst the little villages nestling in the clefts between the mountains, you are aware of the omnipresent relationship between man and his chosen surroundings.
Huge expanses of lush green fields stretch up to the lower slopes, where the meadows give way to rocks.
Crystal-clear streams and pastures for grazing herds tempt hikers through this territory to stop and sample the delicious products, still generally consumed by the local people.
There is immense satisfaction in finally reaching a mountain hut, either on foot or by bike: a feeling of achievement which is hard to understand if you do not do it yourself.


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History and Culture


Cycling along the Trentino Garda Lake

One of the best ways to discover the beautiful landscape and territory of the Garda Lake is to run its coast on bike.
Long tours on bike, alone or with friends, are in fact the ideal to enjoy the natural beauties of the greater Italian lake, characterized by beautiful landscapes.


The best to join tourism and sport activity, the Trentino’s territory of Garda Lake offer to cyclists the ideal conditions for an unforgettable holiday. Riva of Garda, for example, is an excellent choice for a sport holiday. From here, with your bike you can go “down” along the eastern shore of the lake where on produce one of the best Italian olive oils. Or, you can go “up” to north and reach the near city of Arco, other important tourist town friend of cyclists that every year welcomes the departure of the Giro of Trentino for professional. From Riva or Arco you can reach in a few kilometres the hills that surround the Garda Lake, climbing slope roads toward interesting places as Dro, where there is a particular Biotope, or Tenno, with its ancient medieval suburb of Canale.

Without the overcrowding typical of the summer months, the Garda Lake offers in this season to cyclists the best conditions to visit its territory. Along the run, you can stop and relax yourself in the many restaurants or pizzerias, where to taste regional cooking and sip a glass of good local wine, like the red Marzemino or the white Nosiola. To welcome you with their traditional hospitality you will find the Italy Bike Hotels, specialized in services for cyclists, and where you will find also important suggestions about the bike runs more interesting.


Because of its geographical position the culture of the Trentino-Alto-Adigehas been tinted by many different populations.
Trento and Bolzano are the main cities: the first is situated on the river Adige, an historic point of encounter between the Latin civilisation and that of the German, this area keeps alive many cultural traditions and conserves artistic testimony of medieval times; in that of the second one can see a very colourful atmosphere mostly in its historic center, around the road of the Portici.


This region has an almost totally mountainous territory, it has in its Dolomite landscapes an indescribable natural beauty, for the visitor there are spectacular monuments of stone architecture lost in a sea of green. Mountains that frame the wide valley, lakes, pines, cities and towns, a territory that has still many secrets to reveal. At Cavalese, in the valley of the Fiemme, final destination of the “Marcialonga”, the famous ski race, one can find various rustic architecture, from the point of the Palace of the Magnifica Comunità, to the decorated face of frescos.
Levico Terme, on the lake, offers relaxing stays in its thermal baths. Nearby Malè (Val di Sole) there is Caldes with a medieval castle with a famous trentino legend. From Torbole, on the Garda Lake to a visit to the marmitte dei Giganti, an interesting phenomena of the Ice Age.  San Virgilio, a typical town of the alto atesino, it is found nearby Brunico, the main city of the Pusteria, with its characteristic historic center with its houses crowned with bells and its beautiful Castle.




Trentino’s cuisine among wines and lake-fish

Also with the support of a lot of “official” gastronomic runs, Trentino’s regional cooking is often more appreciated by the tourist that in every season crowd this beautiful region in the northeast of Italy.
A lot of typical restaurants present in their menus some best traditional dishes to economic prices to combine with good local wines.


In Trentino’s Valleys you can taste good tortelli, the typical canederli in broth or with fused butter and so many versions of polenta, simple or combined with game, cheese or mushrooms. Typical and particularly appreciated the yellow one from Storo, in the Valley of Chiese. Besides that typical of the mountain valleys, each one with its specialties, are much appreciated also typical products and cuisine from Garda See.
Here the best is the fish, season with the good extravirgin Oil of Garda among the best of the whole Italian territory. A lot of olive-groves make a beautiful show firstly in Riva del Garda, in the centre of Coast of Oil so loved by writers and poets of every time. On Garda coast and surrounding hills they also grow good grapes base of prestigious wines as Marzemino and Teroldego (red) and the white Nosiola, from which a good grappa is also made.
To north of Riva del Garda, near Termeno, the white Gewurztraminer conquered the taste of wine lovers, while in the south, on Eastern Gardesana there is the typical production area of Bardolino and Valpolicella, red wines to combine with important dishes. Among mountain and lake specialties, Trentino and its regional cooking represent a tempting proposal for  your next holidays.


Bike disciplines in Dolomites

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