Mòcheni Valley
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Tour of the enchanted Mòcheni Valley

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We are not kidding! The Mòcheni Valley is an enchanted valley for its natural beauty, rich in history and tradition. The valley is inhabited by the Mòcheni, a German minority who moved here in the middle ages, attracted by the multitude of gold, pyrite and quartz mines.


Also known as the Mòcheni Valley, the Fersina Valley is a valley that has been able to maintain a strong and solid identity thanks to the cultivation of its fruit and berries: strawberries, cherries, blueberries and more. This extraordinarily scenic itinerary is a tour that takes you from Levico to Malga Stramiolo (at an altitude of 1,677 m above sea level) under the slopes of Mount Ruj Joch, through numerous off-road sections immersed in the lush greenery of the Valley.


Lake Levico, Pergine, Zivignago, Mocheni Valley, Redebus Pass, Malga Stramaiolo, Pinè Plateau, Fornace, Civezzano, Levico

13 hotels on the route Mòcheni Valley

Sporthotel Exclusive

San Vigiglio di Marebbe, Sellaronda Dolomites

1 June - 25 September 2023

from € 90 per night per person

Hotel PiderS

La Valle, Sellaronda Dolomites

12 May - 22 October 2023

from € 65.00 per night per person

Sport&Wellness Hotel CristalloS

Levico Terme, Lagorai Dolomites

31 March - 22 October 2023

from € 50 per night per person

Hotel Melodia del BoscoS

Badia, Sellaronda Dolomites

17 May - 9 October 2023

from € 86 per night per person

Gran Chalet Soreghes

Campitello di Fassa, Dolomites

Until the 18 April - From 2 June to 9 October 2022

Hotel Chalet del Sogno

Madonna di Campiglio, Brenta Dolomites

From 02/12/22 to 11/04/23 - from 02/06/23 to 04/10/23

from € 120 per night per person

Festungshotel Al ForteS

Arabba di Livinallongo, Sellaronda Dolomites

20 June - 20 September 2023

from € 70 per night per person

Hotel LinderS

Selva di Val Gardena, Sellaronda Dolomites

26 May - 1 November 2023

from € 100 per night per person

Hotel Störes - Living nature

San Cassiano, Sellaronda Dolomites

25 May - 15 October 2023

from € 76,50 per night per person

Posta Zirm Hotel

Corvara in Badia, Sellaronda Dolomites

9 June - 24 September 2023

from € 117.00 per night per person

Hotel Panorama

Panchià, Lagorai Dolomites

26 May - 24 September 2023

from € 40 per night per person

Hotel Malita

Arabba, Sellaronda Dolomites

26 May - 1 October 2023

from € 58 per night per person

Hotel MesdìS

Arabba, Sellaronda Dolomites

From 04/12/22 to 15/04/23 - from 01/06/23 to 24/09/23

from € 85 per night per person

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