Monte Penegal
DolomitesRoad cycling

Mount Penegal: even higher than the Mendola Pass

LenghtLenght18.9 km
Elevation gainElevation gain1,364 m

One you have reached the Mendola Pass, it is not yet time to relax and begin the descent. The challenge in fact lies in the last deadly 4 km to reach Mount Penegal. You read right … deadly.


The Mendola Pass and Monte Penegal are separated by only a few kilometres. Just 4. But they are 4 km of fatigue and pure effort, as this short distance is truly challenging and unpleasant. The difference between Mendola and the Penegal lies precisely the slopes: soft and mild in the first case, rugged and tough in the second. Here, where the mountain is characterised by the eastern slope overlooking the Adige Valley and the western one that descends towards the Non Valley.

Once you reach the summit, all that’s left to do is take in the 360° views of the Dolomites: the Brenta Group, the ice of the Ortles, the Ötztal Alps.

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17 May - 9 October 2023

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25 May - 15 October 2023

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Selva di Val Gardena, Sellaronda Dolomites

26 May - 1 November 2023

Hotel MesdìS

Arabba, Sellaronda Dolomites

From 04/12/22 to 15/04/23 - from 01/06/23 to 24/09/23

Hotel Chalet del Sogno

Madonna di Campiglio, Brenta Dolomites

From 02/12/22 to 11/04/23 - from 02/06/23 to 04/10/23

Posta Zirm Hotel

Corvara in Badia, Sellaronda Dolomites

9 June - 24 September 2023

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