You can still venture off tarmac roads

We have selected 5 destinations for those who want to embrace this discipline or for those experienced looking for something new.

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Gravity in Italy: the best bike parks

Finally we are ready: the downhill mountain biking season officially STARTS! It is time to ride fast on your studded tyres through meadows, paths and single track trails.

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Italy in mountain bike

Discover the Italian Lakes by mountain bike

The country is full of many bodies of water that spellbind the hearts of not only us Italians but also of artists, writers, musicians and even Hollywood celebrities.

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Beyond the myth of Marco Pantani

For us Italians, Romagna is not just the name of a region. In our imagination, it brings to mind images of holidays, clubs, nightlife and sunbathing, but also food and wine culture.

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Where HEROes dare

Superman, Batman, Captain America, X-Men … it was enough to strap on a cape or put on a mask to transform into your favourite childhood hero, embarking on incredible adventures in parallel universes.

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The 7 most scenic MTB itineraries

Whether you prefer alpine landscapes or discovering hidden and wild corners, it really doesn’t matter: you are spoilt for choice because Italy offers an endless supply of trails to ride and jumps to test your skills.

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No wonder Gino Bartali had the chance to be a great biker and champion

Sorting out Tuscany’s cycling offer is certainly not child’s play: from the rugged mountains to the north, to the gentle hills of the central region, without forgetting the charming industrious plains climbing back up to the peaks of the Apennines.

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