It’s that time already to start thinking about the next cycling season!

We are now at the end of the summer season. Shorter days, cooler temperatures and less favourable weather conditions for cyclists keep even the most adventurous riders off their bikes. Even if we are the last ones to stay off the bike – we couldn’t do it for very long – we know how nice it is when we spend time planning on a rainy Sunday for the next season. It’s not only good for your mood, but it makes you plan more exciting and new experiences for the coming spring.

Enjoy the warmth of your home, the comfort of the sofa and our suggestions to get inspiration for a spring cycling holiday, and discover the most beautiful roads and trails in Italy.


Italy Bike Territory – Liguria

Climbs that have made road cycling history, on roads and single trail that attract riders from all over the world. This is what makes Liguria unique for all those who love cycling in any shape or form. Besides trails, the views of Liguria are breathtaking. Here you ride between the sea and the mountains among the fragrances and the burst of colours, typical of the Mediterranean scrub. And at the end of each bike ride, there is a wide choice of recovery foods for you to try such as the local delicacies.

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Elba Island

Italy Bike Territory – Elba Island

What could be more pleasant than a spring break to revive body and mind after a winter’s break? A cycling holiday on the Island of Elba! Rugged with a mild climate and endless network of off-road trails and epic climbs, the Island of Elba will make you forget instantly how you felt on Sundays in the winter time. Here you can spend all your time cycling and discovering the pleasure of swimming in the sea at the start of season. You will be totally relaxed without the summer season crowds.

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Italy Bike Territory – Piedmont

If you love cycling, eating good food and drinking a glass or (two) of excellent wine, Piedmont is a destination that will amaze you. Though not as famous as the Tuscan hills, the Piedmont hills are full of hidden treasures; an important part of Italy’s cultural heritage that will leave you speechless:. There is not just local food and wine, but charming medieval villages nestled in the hills. Riding your bike is the best way to explore this wonderful part of Italy.

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Italy Bike Territory – Tuscany

If you are looking for breathtaking sunsets, scenery that looks like a painting and countless cycle routes on gravel and dirt roads, then you need to go to Tuscany. Its hills are unique and it is worth planning a trip now for the spring break to see how they thrive in all their splendour after such a cold snap. And if this is not enough, you will also have the opportunity to discover beautiful medieval villages and cities of art in Tuscany, of course, without resisting the food and wine specialities – they are also unique!

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The Adriatic Coast

Italy Bike Territory – The Adriatic Coast

Spectacular trails, excellent cuisine and the epitome of great Italian hospitality await you for an unforgettable cycling experience! The Adriatic Riviera will make your dreams come true, and falling in love with the territory will be just as easy as indulging in the local delicacies of the area. No need to worry as there are numerous trails and endless bike rides. And remember to explore inland: as there appears to be plenty of charming villages nestled in the hills.

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Italy Bike Territory – Veneto

Are you planning any epic adventures for the next season? Start with a holiday in Veneto. Here there are numerous trails that wind around the Venetian mountains, roads that have made world cycling history. The ascents are sometimes terrifying, but no problem. Everything you did in training will be worthwhile as you will discover amazing places with this sport. It is no surprise that it is one of the Italian regions with the highest number of high-profile brands in the cycling world!

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The Lake District

Italy Bike Territory – The Lake District

The lakes of northern Italy are a perfect destination for a taste of spring. Whether you choose Lake Maggiore, Lake Como, Lake Iseo or Lake Garda, you will enjoy a mild climate, rolling hills and plenty of good food. Getting out on the bike exploring the roads that wind around the area is a real pleasure. Stopping in one of the picturesque villages on the lake’s shores is an absolute must.  Getting back into cycling after a winter break will be easy!

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