End of season mountain bike adventures

The start of autumn does not mean that the fun is over. All you need to do is get the mountain bike ready, choose the right destination and set off to explore the off-road trails that Italy offers. The mild climate of many Italian regions surrounded by sea or close to the coastlines allows you to get the best out of the days of late September and early October: pleasant temperatures, breathtaking sunsets and – well maintained – paths with little traffic! Check out our guide to find useful tips for planning an end-of-season mountain bike adventure.


Italy Bike Territory – Liguria

Beach or mountain? If in doubt choose Liguria! Nestled between coast and mountains, this region has pleasant dirt roads and country lanes that wind through the barren hills and woods of the maritime pines. By choosing the Sanremo area, you will have the chance to venture onto the famous Via del Sale, a pleasant dirt track that goes from Piedmont to Liguria, once used for commercial trade. Although popular with freeride daredevils in most parts of Europe, Finale Ligure is another recommended destination. Ideal for those who prefer to take on less demanding MTB trails, even riding a pedal-assisted mountain bike.

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Elba Island

Italy Bike Territory – Elba Island

The island of Elba is an absolute mountain bikers paradise. The mild climate of the late summer days, wild panoramic views and countless off-road trails will make it an unforgettable adventure. Cycling in the morning and relaxing on the beach in the afternoon has never been easier. Also because we count on a lower number of tourists which is usual in the months of September and October. Capo Fonza, Porto Azzurro and Monte Calamita are just some of the exciting routes that the Island of Elba offers, especially for those fat bike enthusiasts.

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Rome and the Apennines

Italy Bike Territory – Rome & Apennines

The surrounding areas of Rome deserve a visit just as much as the wonderful sights of the Eternal city. You only need to go to Fiuggi to discover an incredible territory just as beautiful as the Alpine one. You can ride on exhilarating dirt roads on your mountain bike through stunning landscapes: woods, pastures and lakes will amaze you when riding off-road in an area boasting up to 1400m of ascent in a few km. Definitely take note of the trail that goes from Fiuggi to Lake Canterno, 36 km of pleasant dirt roads and cycle paths.

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Italy Bike Territory – Apulia

It goes without saying that if you are looking for summer temperatures, even at the end of the season, Southern Italy is the best destination to guarantee this. And if you want to add to the pleasure of cycling in the hot sun as well as discovering an area rich in natural and artistic beauty, Puglia is the destination for you. Vast expanses of olive trees, trulli and farms are the ingredients for a mountain bike ride in inland Puglia such as the Loop of the Masserie that goes from the Castellana Grotte plateau to the sea. The colours, the light and flavours of Puglia will win your heart – make sure you stop at one of the masserie (farmhouses) to taste the local products such as oil and cheese.

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Italy Bike Territory – Piedmont

Excellent wine, magnificent landscapes and ancient villages await you for an end of season adventure in Monferrato. The mountain bike is certainly the ideal bike in order to venture out and discover the area enjoying its beauty in the period leading up to the grape harvest. If you love to combine sport with satisfying your palate, You will have an unforgettable experience in Monferrato. All you have to do is ride on the dirt roads of the UNESCO area of Monferrato Casalese to discover the best of what this Italian region offers at an amazing time of the year: food and wine specialities with breathtaking colours!

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The Adriatic Coast

Italy Bike Territory – Adriatic Coast

Famous for its unrivalled hospitality, mile-long beaches and sublime cuisine, the Adriatic Riviera will get your heart pumping even if you explore it on a fat bike. Inland Romagna is, in fact, a paradise with woods, single track trails and charming hills. Among all the routes, we recommend the valleys of Marecchia and Savio. Between one trail and another, you will also have the opportunity to discover beautiful hidden medieval fortresses in the Romagna hills, real gems such as Brisighella, Verucchio or San Leo. And at the end of each bike ride, you can relieve the pain with an excellent piadina. Please note: you won’t be able to live without them!

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