The most amazing single track trails to ride in Italy

If you want epic adventures on a MTB, you are in the right place. We have selected 5 destinations where you can really find amazing single track to ride. If you want to survive, you really need to put all your skills into practice.


Italy Bike Territory – Liguria

Single-track with plenty of flow, impervious mule tracks full of rocks and roots, just magically hanging between the sea and the mountains: get ready for Liguria on your mtb to explore every inch of its coast and every corner, inland… With the right approach, our recommendations will give you an incomparable experience.

For negative slope enthusiasts the three main areas to choose are: Finale Ligure, Sanremo and the Dianese Gulf. There are also many trails: DH Men, San Michele, Cravarezza, Guardia, Roller Coaster, Ruggetta, Dolmen, Maiali, Molini, San Rocco, Antenne di Cervo from the Park San Romolo to Monte Bignone. And even more, you are spoilt for choice!

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Roma & hills

Italy Bike Territory – Roma & hills

When we say this, many find it hard to believe: no other place in Italy like Fiuggi has so many trails in such a limited area (from 800 m a.s.l to 2100 in just a few kilometres). You only need to pack your suitcase, mtb and head over here. The most amazing single trails that are also appreciated by local bikers are: Obaco-Pratiglio (about 10 km),  Gabriella (just under 5 km) and finally Frascara (about 3.8 km) almost all of them downhill. So what are you waiting for?

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Tuscany & Elba Island

Italy Bike Territory – Tuscany

In this selection of destinations with the most amazing single trails to ride, we cannot miss out Tuscany and the Island of Elba. Both known as the best national mountain bike destinations.

From the Elba Bike Park to the Capoliveri Bike Park to the Punta Ala Trail Centre you can reach all the trails that wind between Massa Marittima and Massa Vecchia. Words are not enough to describe the number of off-roads in this destination, the only way you can do it is to ride as many routes as you can.

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Lake Maggiore

Italy Bike Territory – Lake Maggiore

Another destination to ride is the Alto Vergante, a hilly area located to the right of Lake Maggiore. Also here you will be completely surrounded by nature and complete tranquillity, and the silence will be constant wherever you go. You will quickly go from flowing single-track to steep mule tracks full of rocks. Those most appreciated by bikers in the area are the Rana, the CG, the Scaletta and then the Bogianchini or marathon of Mottarone.

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Italy Bike Territory – Dolomites

We do not exaggerate when we say that no other mountain range is as spectacular as the Dolomites. They are definitely a real “masterpiece” for those who love studded tyres. Wherever you decide to ride, the Dolomites is an incredible place: from the Sesto Dolomites with its Herrnsteig which snakes on the northern side of the mountain to the Paganella Dolomites and then up to the Sella Ronda and Lagorai. Without forgetting to mention also the Val Gardena with more than 1000 km, the very famous NR6 trail. Are you ready for this challenge?

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