The Italian Lakes for a fantastic cycling holiday

Crystal clear fresh water that changes from blue to green, from turquoise to emerald until it gradually becomes a deep blue colour: lakes have always intrigued people and cyclists for the peace and serenity they offer.

Check out the lakes (Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda and Lake Como) where you will find our Italy Bike Hotels for a truly fantastic cycling holiday.


Lake Maggiore

Italy Bike Territory – Lake Maggiore

Surrounded by hills and mountains, Lake Maggiore has always been a popular spot for poets, writers and famous people of all ages. Its charming location is sheltered from the cold northern winds, thus making it the ideal choice for cycling holidays. Especially the hills, valleys but most of all, Mottarone, a real treat for road bike enthusiasts while the wild nature surrounding the lake is ideal to venture off on the mountain bike.

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Lake Como

Italy Bike Territory – Lake Como

Speckled with historic villas and villages you can only dream about, Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy and the deepest in Europe.

This destination is one of the most sought after for bike enthusiasts for its pre-Alpine scenery and Mediterranean charm, it also spoils cyclists with the many different routes it offers. Flat sections are rare and as you move away from the warm waters, you will find plenty of climbing that has marked the pages of the Giro d’Italia roll of honour in important cycling races such as “Lombardia” and the “Giro d’Italia”, but also sacred places like the Sanctuary of Madonna del Ghisallo.

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Lake Garda

Italy Bike Territory – Lago di Garda

Nestled like a gem between Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino-South Tyrol, Lake Garda takes your breath away with its vegetation from olive trees to agave plants trailing down to grapevines. The climate is always mild, thus ideal for cyclists to ride on these roads especially during spring and autumn. To see two of the three regions that make up this body of water, we recommend an excursion which starts from Peschiera del Garda following the lake until you reach Torbole and then tackling the iconic Monte Baldo, known also as the “mini Stelvio”.

Or you can start from Torbole and go down to Peschiera. In both cases you will not be disappointed.

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