Nocera umbra and the slopes of Mount Subasio
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Nocera umbra and the slopes of Mount Subasio

LenghtLenght88.0 km
Elevation gainElevation gain1063 mt


A relaxing itinerary that gradually moves its way up from the flatland till gets at Nocera Umbra, the watersprings city, before descending the slopes of Mount Subasio National Park. From here, riding quiet scenic unbeaten roads that run along the “Fosso dell’Anna” (a little stream that flows across the woods), then climbing up for about 2,5 Km reaching at some points an average gradient of 18%, first heading to the appealing “Mulino Buccilli”, a functioning watermill hidden in the woods, then moving towards the pretty village of San Giovanni. Now, en route, an undulating road that will lead us to the tiny village of Collepino, at that point go downhill till we get to the stunning Spello, the city of flowers. After that, just about 10 Km riding across open country to enjoy the scenery and finally get back to the hotel.


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