Mount Vettore
UmbriaRoad cycling

Mount Vettore

LenghtLenght79 km
Elevation gainElevation gain1900 m

A loop trail for well trained cyclists which starts and ends in Nursia and goes through the five climbs of Mount Vettore.


The route starts from the renowned Nursia, a medieval town which was home to St Benedict and which is characterised by uncontaminated nature, artistic and culinary tradition and deep spirituality. The route starts from the town centre. Follow the signs for Visso and 1 km after the start, you will have to tackle the first climb in the trail which is not too difficult: 6 km at an average gradient of 5.5% and peaks of 10%. Once you reach the pass of Forca d’Ancarano, you can enjoy a splendid view of Nursia and the plateau. The route then continues downhill towards the town of Preci, after which there is a short but demanding climb of 2.5 km with a gradient of up to 11% that takes you to Saccovescio. Then the road continues downhill towards Visso. We recommend that you refill your water bottle before continuing on the false flat stretch which takes you to Castelsantangelo as it is in this village that the hardest climb begins. The ascent of Forca di Gualdo is 10 km and for the first 4 km it reaches gradients ranging between 8% and 11%. It continues for another 3 km with a gradient of 7% and after as many as 16 hairpin bends, you will have to tackle the last 3 km still with a gradient of 7%. Once you reach the top though, your efforts will be rewarded with the amazing view of Castelluccio, Pian Piccolo and Mount Vettore. From there, you can continue downhill for a few km before climbing towards Castelluccio, a village renowned for its excellent lentils. After you pass through the town, you will only have to climb for the last 3 km before the long descent which leads you back to Nursia.


Norcia, Forca d’Ancarano, Preci, Castelsantangelo, Forca di Gualdo, Castelluccio, Norcia

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