Long tour of Como Lake
Como LakeRoad cycling

Long tour of Como Lake

LenghtLenght158.9 km
Elevation gainElevation gain1761 m

Politicians, actors, sportspeople and simple tourists have been won over by the commanding character of the lake and its characteristic atmosphere. What better way to appreciate its wonders than by riding completely around it.


A circular route of medium difficulty that skirts the whole of Lake Como; it’s long but not very hard. As you cover kilometres of various rises and descents, the points in which the lake widens will make you feel almost like you’re at the beach, especially if you travel clockwise. The most challenging stretch is from Bellagio to Como, about 30 kilometres without even one metre of flatland; after this, it’s a walk in the park.


Menaggio, Ponte del Passo, Colico, Lecco, Bellagio, Como, Menaggio

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