A dip in the cross sea
PiedmontRoad cycling

A dip in the cross sea

LenghtLenght55 km
Elevation gainElevation gain500 mt


As soon as we leave, we will find ourselves almost immediately in front of the immense checkered sea of ​​the Po valley and going along a long descent we will dive into its rice field. We will see the abbey of Lucedio where the Marquises of Monferrato rest in their eternal sleep, the church of S. Maria delle Vigne with its “devil’s score”, the Saletta where the legends tell of esoteric cults inside its abandoned church and accompanied by the halo of mystery that surrounds these places, we will reach Casale Monferrato. Once we have visited its cathedral, we will set off again along a road which, gently climbing through the vineyards, will lead us to the point of arrival.


Castel San Pietro, Cantavenna, Gabiano, Crescentino, Castel San Pietro

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