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Cycling Holidays in Umbria

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Do you enjoy pushing down hard on the pedals and the sensation of speeding along? Do you like long climbs and gentle inclines, combined with stretches through the valleys? Then make a firm note of Umbria, a place that is tailor-made for you.

From the mountains which mark the borders with the Marche, Tuscany and Lazio, to the long ascents that characterise the heart of the region, Umbria provides a wealth of different itineraries, rich in the history and culture which offer all the unchanging fascination of times past.

If you are an enthusiastic climber, always keen to put yourself to the test, you can try out the twists and turns of the Martani Mountains, of Mount Peglia or Mount Vettore. But if you prefer a constant change of rhythm, the Umbra Valley and the routes leading to Lake Trasimeno and Lake Corbara will fully satisfy you desire to ride for many miles on roads free from traffic.

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