Lake MaggioreRoad cycling

Mottarone ascent of the two lakes

LenghtLenght11.56 km
Elevation gainElevation gain891 m

Looking at it on paper does not seem like a challenging climb, but it is exactly this that has made and continues to make cyclists annoyed.


This climb has really been the starting point for a whole generation of cyclists, Mottarone is a must for all two-wheel enthusiasts but not only just here on Lake Maggiore. The slope which we want to tell you about, which is the most difficult, is the one which goes from Armeno to the summit of this mountain reaching 1.426 m a.s.l. Although the average slope is not high, this could be misleading: The length and numerous snags, mainly at the start make it extremely challenging. But the hard work will be paid off not only for having reached another peak but also for the incredible panorama overlooking Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta.

3 hotels on the route Mottarone

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Hotel Ristorante Belvedere

Ranco, Lake Maggiore

Open from 11.02.24 to 23.12.24

from € 70,00

Ideal for Hotel Aries

Lesa, Lake Maggiore

Open from 15.03.24 to 30.10.24

from € 90,00

Bike Hotel Meeting

Stresa, Lake Maggiore

Open from 15.03.24 to 30.10.24

from € 100,00