Beyond the myth of Marco Pantani

For us Italians, Romagna is not just the name of a region. In our imagination, it brings to mind images of holidays, clubs, nightlife and sunbathing, but also food and wine culture. A carefree and envied lifestyle, the ability to enjoy the life which has served as a centre of attraction for travellers from all over Europe. Yet also a hub for cyclists, for cycling challenges and for all those biking enthusiasts looking to combine riding with food and wine experiences while discovering this unrivalled area.
The diversity of Romagna’s uniqueness is also reflected in the continuous change of landscapes, ranging from the placid sea to the vast plain, interrupted by rolling hills that gradually and without notice transform into scenic mountains. The Apennines, and in particular the Tuscan-Emilian range, offer a natural training ground ideal for lovers of fat tires.

There is nothing better than an off-season holiday to enjoy the Romagna region in the company of your bike.
Today, Italy Bike Hotels will help you to discover the hinterland, beyond the myth of Marco Pantani.



Starting from Cattolica, the itinerary will take you to Pesaro and Fano, along a winding road (known as “la Panoramica” or the panoramic route) surrounded by hills covered in pine forests, fragrant linden trees and where the last yellow broom bushes flower, natural terraces that allow the gaze to wonder, lower, not far away, over the intense blue of the sea. It is worth the effort to follow the Panoramica route, curve after curve, through the fertile fields of the San Bartolo Natural Park and then from here gazing towards nearby Gradara, where the love story between Paolo and Francesca narrated in the fifth canto of Dante’s Inferno is set.


Just beyond the Romagna riviera, the most characteristic feature is the hilly area with its villages, hamlets, fortresses and landscapes that stretch out like natural balconies overlooking the sea in Rimini. Here, more than a thousand acres of land are cultivated with olive trees and over 20 manufacturers of extra-virgin olive oil operate in the area; some of these carry the DOP “Colline di Romagna” designation. This itinerary will therefore take you on a journey to discover the authenticity of the flavours offered by this region.


Immersed in the vineyards and the wineries that produce the famous Sangiovese di Romagna DOC, we propose an easy itinerary to be experienced with all your senses. An itinerary which will allow you to discover the most authentic side of the Romagna region, full of castles, fortresses and traditions, across rolling hills close to the sea, where nature, culture and gastronomy find a perfect synthesis.




Looking at the route on paper, it does not seem impossible. Mistakenly, many cyclists have underestimated it. We are talking about the “gozzi riminesi” route: short but intense climbs, one after another, sure to leave you breathless. The recommended route unwinds along riding paths and vineyards of the farms dotting Rimini’s hills. There is no shortage of uphill sections, with gradients even around the 20% mark, while downhills, on the other hand, go by in the blink of an eye.
San Marino, Verucchio, as well as Santarcangelo and Rimini offer beautiful horizons that can also be used as reference points.


Circular route that unwinds through vineyards, wheat fields, olive groves and dirt roads along which the bloody battles between British troops and German soldiers were fought, entrenched around the village of Gemmano. The climbs are challenging, short, yet with peaks reaching gradients of up to 20%, offering an excellent opportunity to put yourself to the test.


An area of approximately 15,000 square metres designed for those who love to have soil and mud under their wheels and located in the heart of the Valmarecchia at almost 600 metres above sea level in the hinterland of Romagna. Inside the Bike Park thrill seekers will find breathtaking downhill descents, enduro tracks and a pump track circuit, a relentless succession of humps, bumps and parabolic curves on which to put your suspension and shock absorbers to the test. Here, e-bike enthusiasts can also count on a charging station.


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