Mountain Bike in the Umbra Forest
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Mountain Bike in the Umbra Forest

LenghtLenght55 Km
Elevation gainElevation gain824 m

Loop ride from Vieste to the Umbra Forest


A loop trail starting from Vieste which will lead you to the Umbra Forest in the Gargano National Park, a green lung of 10,000 hectares of beech and yew trees. The recommended route is a loop that starts from Sfinalicchio going uphill into the forest taking the Caritate-Sfilzi-Baracconi path, which turns off for half a kilometre, and where you can visit the only spring in the forest on foot.
Once you reach the top, and just over 800 metres high, you can visit all of the most beautiful places in the Umbra Forest: the rebuilt Carbonari village at the visitor centre, Lake Otri, Caserma Murgia and Torre Palermo.