Giulianova and Tortoreto
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On the hills between Giulianova and Tortoreto

LenghtLenght28 km
Elevation gainElevation gain650 m

It takes legs of steel and a heart to match to take on this route. Why? Because, on the hills between Giulianova and Tortoreto, the gradient soars to 30%.


It takes more than just kilometres and total elevation gains to measure the difficulty of this course; you also need to consider the gradient of the slopes between Giulianova and Tortoreto, which reaches as high as 30% in many places. Are you up for following the trail, without ever stepping foot on the ground?


Giulianova, Tortoreto, Giulianova

1 hotel on the route Giulianova and Tortoreto

Hotel Baltic

Giulianova Lido, Abruzzo

28 May - 11 September 2022