From Fiuggi to tackling Mount Scalambra
LazioRoad cycling

From Fiuggi to tackling Mount Scalambra

LenghtLenght55.7 km
Elevation gainElevation gain1135 m

There are only a few routes that can offer a perfect combination of elevation gain and good mileage through a territory immersed in the history of century-old villages.


Forget everything you might have heard about Italy. Climbs are not only a characteristic of the Dolomites and the Alps. Also in Central Italy there are many bike rides that are as beautiful and exciting as the most famous and popular routes. Like this one which goes from Fiuggi to the top of Mount Scalambra.

In a little less than 60 km, you will gain a difference in height of almost 2000 metres, though the peak is at an altitude of 1370 m a.s.l; there is no time to catch your breath. Are you tough enough for this challenge?


Fiuggi, Mount Scalambra, San Quirico, Roiate, Santa Lucia, Affile, Arcinazzo Romano, Altipiani di Arcinazzo, Fiuggi

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