Eira Pass and Foscagno Pass
LivignoRoad cycling

Eira Pass and Foscagno Pass

LenghtLenght71 km
Elevation gainElevation gain2,260 m

This route takes you through Italy’s highest towns, from Trepalle situated at an altitude of 2,069 m above sea level and Eira sitting at 2,172 m above sea level, up to Bormio known for being the gateway to the Stelvio Pass and for its thermal baths.


From Livigno, you can follow two different routes for this itinerary: the first starts from the centre of town, while the second begins just outside the village, useful as a shortcut if making your way from the Forcola Pass. The first climb starts just outside the town, with wide switchbacks where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the view over the valley, up to the Eira Pass. From here, the slopes change until you reach Trepalle, where shortly afterwards the climb to the Foscagno Pass begins. Once you have conquered the Pass, you will continue to Bormio.


Livigno, Eira Pass, Trepalle, Foscagno Pass, Arroga, San Carlo, Valdidentro, Premadio, Bormio (roundtrip)

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