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Montefeltro Bike Week

Resort Hotel Marinella***

Gabicce Mare, Adriatic Coast & Hills

Valid from 24/03/2022 to 01/11/2024

Montefeltro Bike Week

Montefeltro Bike Week

from € 195 per person, for the whole package

Offer details

Training’s Camp for Road Bike in Italy


7  days Holiday + 7 Tour with Marinella Team


Road Bike Training’s Camp Montefeltro

  • Every day, a Tour with Marinella Team Guides,
    choosing your Group..
    Group “al Pomodoro” 21/23 km/h
    Group “alla Carbonara” 24/26 km/h
    Group “alla Arrabbiata” 27/29 km/h
  • Take a look on our Weekly Programm: click here
  • Sunday
    Marinella Tour 1 km 68
    Marinella Tour 15 km 88
  • Monday
    Marinella Tour 2 km 75
    Marinella Tour 8 km 82
  • Tuesday
    Marinella Tour 9 km 100
    Marinella Tour 16 km 91
  • Wednesday
    Marinella Tour 5 km 135
    Marinella Tour 19 km 141
  • Thuersday
    Marinella Tour 6 km 88
    Marinella Tour 11 km 85
  • Friday
    Marinella Tour 13 km 118
    Marinella Tour 20 km 114
  • Saturday
    Marinella Tour 16 km 91
    Marinella Tour 17 km 72

This offer include

  • Marinella Bike Team Services…
    -Daily Tours with Marinella Team
    -Sage Storage Safe bike…relaxing holiday! Special locked area with racks and hoocks
    -Garage/ Workshop. Fully-equipped for general mechanical repairs
    -Bicycle Itineraries and Plastic covered route maps, if you prefer to ride alone
    -Laundry services for sports/technical gears.
    -Bar Restaurant “Controvento” till 5 p.m open
    -Rent a Bike Service: Rent a road Bike for your Holiday: click here
    -and much more
  • Super B&B.
    -Room Ponente with balcony and large comfortable Queen size beds
    -Buffet Breakfast in Marinella Restaurant
    -BeachService just in front of your hotel
    -Marinella Club Opportunity
    -and much more
  • Starting from € 195 for a person

Resort Hotel Marinella is...

Run by cyclists, for cyclists Beachside location Daily guided tours

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