Discovering the most exciting trails in Italy

Sharp switchbacks, natural obstacles and adrenaline-pumping descents. The single track trails are simply the quintessence of mountain biking, a paradise for fat tyre bike enthusiasts. With the warm season ahead of us, the fun begins with that feeling of freedom you only get from an adventure on a mountain bike. Whether it is alpine trails, singletrack in the understory or mule tracks overlooking the sea, Italy offers the opportunity to enjoy unique experiences to discover amazing views riding your faithful mountain bike. If you decide to tackle single track trails in the summer, our guides will recommend bringing plenty of water and the right sunscreen. Or perhaps you want to brave colder temperatures, check the weather conditions in advance and ask our guides for advice on any seasonal travel restrictions, you will find below some suggestions on the most exciting trails in Italy: choose the destination, fun is guaranteed!


Italy Bike Territory – Livigno

Right in the heart of the Lombardy Alps at over 1800 metres high, Livigno is a must-ride destination for mountain bikers who want to explore the Alta Valtellina. Mottolino and Carosello are two names to write down in your travel diary. Famous among freeriders from all over Europe, the Mottolino bike park offers 14 trails of varying difficulty, very modern ski lifts and breathtaking views. To experience the thrill of cycling at 3000 metres high, you can choose the Carosello bike park famous for its sinuous trails and its spectacular alpine setting. The Livigno route also includes enduro MTB trails, such as Val Federia and Valle delle Mine.

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Italy Bike Territory – Dolomites

Venturing out on the MTB on a trail in the Dolomites is an once in a lifetime opportunity. Surrounded by imposing peaks of the UNESCO heritage mountains, the trails of this area are well marked and suitable for all levels of difficulty. For those who really want to challenge themselves and take on an epic ride, we recommend the Stoneman Trail with its 120 km, 4000 metres of elevation and the 5 stamps to be collected at the control points. This route is a loop that starts from Sesto and leads you through mountains, pastures and enchanting mountain dairy huts. Suitable for all levels, the Sellaronda is a “classic ride” in the Dolomites, a trail that can be tackled both clockwise and counter-clockwise (the latter is recommended for experts) which allows you to ride with a constant view of the spectacular Sella massif.

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Rome & Apennines

Italy Bike Territory – Rome & Apennines

The scenery in the Apennines is just as stunning as the Alps. Rugged, remote and scenic, the Apennines reveal trails suitable for those who really love adventure – especially on a mountain bike. One of the most picturesque routes is most definitely the one from Campocatino to Fiuggi, 25 km of challenging off-road cycling between open dirt roads and singletrack in the understory with over 1400 m of descent and pure adrenaline. For those who want to cycle on an easier trail can choose the route from Fiuggi to Lake Canterno, 36 km of sheer pleasure between chestnut woods and cycle paths.

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Italy Bike Territory – Piedmont

If you come to Piedmont, you really need to ride in Monferrato. You will find several trails suitable for mountain biking among green hills and expanses of vineyards for as far as the eye can see. For beginners we recommend the loop route which starts from Vignale Monferrato. 25 kilometres along a wonderful maze of dirt roads to discover the UNESCO area of Monferrato Casalese. For those looking for pure adrenaline, we recommend the Enduro route of the 3 Fiumi, the circuit for the famous MTB enduro race which takes place in the hills between Monferrato and the Apennines. The daring enthusiasts with fat tyre bikes will enjoy the switchbacks, rocks and single track trails along canals in the woods of the Erro and Bormida Valleys.

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Liguria & Finale

Italy Bike Territory – Liguria & Finale

If you love the sea, the mountains and mountain biking, there is no other destination that can satisfy you as much as Liguria. Here you will discover the pleasure of tackling mule tracks, dirt roads and singletrack immersed in an enchanting landscape nestled between beaches and mountains. For example, the ancient Salt Road which goes from the mountains of Limone (Piedmont) to Sanremo, a trail mostly off-road, which was used in the Medieval Ages for trade exchange. Finale Ligure is another stop recommended for MTB lovers. A freerider’s paradise recognised at European level, this area offers hundreds of kilometres of off-road routes between the sea and the mountains as well as the possibility of cycling all year round thanks to its mild climate.

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Island of Elba

Italy Bike Territory – Elba Island

Rugged scenery, a mild climate and hundreds of kilometres of single track trails make the Island of Elba one of the best destinations to enjoy mountain biking. Monte Perone, Monte Calamita and Capo Fonza are just some of the many trails that the island of the Tuscan Archipelago offers to enduro and freeride enthusiasts. Here you can venture off on amazing trails surrounded by Mediterranean scrub among an explosion of colours and smells that only you can find in the Mediterranean. Being able to count on a mild climate all year round, you will have the opportunity to plan your holiday according to your needs: summer if you want to combine sea with sports, or autumn and early spring if you prefer to enjoy trails cycling on your own.

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