The 7 most scenic MTB itineraries

7 choices ... never stop riding!

Whether you prefer alpine landscapes or discovering hidden and wild corners, it really doesn’t matter: you are spoilt for choice because Italy offers an endless supply of trails to ride and jumps to test your skills. The variety of landscapes is truly remarkable and disappointment is virtually impossible.

Tuscany (Massa Marittima)

Tuscany brings to mind country roads that cut through fields cultivated with vineyards, lined by cypress trees. But Tuscany also offers many wild forested areas, full of single tracks, such as those that characterise the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and the Maremma region, or those of the Apuan Alps or of the hills overlooking the sea on the island of Elba.

Massa Marittima definitely deserves mention, here, where the medieval village surrounded by cypress trees, olive groves and vineyards makes the most of the combination between relaxation and fun, thanks to its balance between history and nature. Deep natural toboggans, speed and ability represent the essence of the Canyon trail, to experience at least once in your lifetime.

Add the proximity of Punta Ala and the island of Elba to the beauty of the surrounding landscape, and blend everything together. A winning mix waiting for you.

Liguria (Finale Ligure)

1,370 km. You read it right ... in Finale Ligure there are 1,370 km of cycling trails able to offer an experience like no other: flow, steep mule tracks immersed in the Mediterranean scrub with the sea on the horizon.

Singling out just one trail in the Finale Ligure region is almost impossible, but we definitely recommend the Manie plateau. And if you happen to be here at the end of May be sure to take part in the “24h of Finale”, one of the most important races in Europe, across sliding sections and technical single tracks overlooking the sea: “It's hard, it's fun, it's crazy. It's 24h of Finale!”

The Dolomites

Wherever you go, at high altitude or in villages wedged in gorges between the majestic mountains, the Dolomites are filled with single tracks and trails of varying difficulties. These routes offer everything, from steep descents surrounded by vast expanses of lush greenery, to fast and flowing single tracks immersed in dense forests.

The NR6 trail in Seceda above Ortisei is one of the most genuine and rewarding single tracks offered by the Dolomites, which every rider should experience at least once in their lifetime. It can be reached by cable car, to then push up to the top of the ridge where the trail begins at an altitude of 2,518 m above sea level.

Sicily (Etna)

This is the ideal place for marvelling at the power and beauty of nature. Yes, because only in Sicily is it possible to climb the highest active volcano in Europe and the tallest mountain of the Apennines: 17 km of breathtaking single tracks to ride carefully, surrounded by lunar landscapes and ancient pine forests.

Etna on a mountain bike is beyond comparison: you will love the first single track. And you will never want to leave.

Garda Trentino (Mount Baldo)

Mount Baldo is a well known location for hikers, with over 400,000 outdoors enthusiasts who make their way here every year from all over Europe. But this destination does not go unnoticed even to mountain biking enthusiasts. In fact, many itineraries depart from here to explore this Mediterranean landscape overlooking Lake Garda, known as the “Garden of Europe”.

For more adventurous riders, the challenge is to make your way down the legendary 601 trail, a steep and technical descent of nearly 2,350 m, that will be sure to test your suspension, brakes and muscles. But when you finally reach the Lake, all that’s left is the satisfaction of your triumph.

Alta Valtellina

In this place in the very heart of the Alps, your attention will be captured be the many colours and flavours that characterise the pristine environment. A place without borders, with a strong and well rooted mountain biking culture.

Between narrow military roads, trails, mule tracks, peaks, glaciers, alpine meadows and passes, the Alta Valtellina and the magical silence that shrouds the lush nature offers a unique opportunity for those seeking the ultimate challenge. We're off!

Aosta Valley (Pila)

Its greatest asset is the backdrop of the majestic mountains. The most characteristic image of the Aosta Valley in fact brings to mind a set of vertical walls at the foot of the glaciers and jagged peaks. Get on your bikes and don’t be intimidated, the mountains south of the Mont Blanc massif are bike friendly, together with the area that includes Aosta and Courmayeur.

The trails that overlook Pila, Courmayeur and the region surrounding the Chaligne peak, in the Gran San Bernardo Valley are the most spectacular and popular with local riders, thanks to the amazing views across some of the most scenic mountains offered by the Alps, including Mont Blanc.

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