Livigno now… heart, lungs and muscles are not allowed to relax

The valley connecting the Stelvio and Engadin National Parks, Livigno, is mountain bike-oriented. Fat tyres love it, starting with Gravity, thanks to its trails dedicated to freeride and downhill flows. In fact, that’s the direction that the Mottolino Bike Park and the numerous flow trails on the Carosello 3000 face are headed.

But Livigno isn’t just the ideal destination for gravity enthusiasts, there’s space for pure bikers, too. From Alta Rezia, in the heart of the Rhaetian Alps, to Engadin Park, heart, lungs and muscles are not allowed to relax: over 400 kilometres of single tracks and well-marked itineraries await you. Our advice is to ride as much as possible through the apple groves along the valley floor, and the wide dirt roads that glide through the woods, only to then climb the mountain slopes and the most gruelling Alpine trails.

Straddle the bike, and you’re off.

Mottolino Bike Park

Colli di Coppi


Created in 2005, the park immediately became a European benchmark. Its 13 tracks for every level meander along the mountain; there’s a jump area, a north shore area and a Big Air Bag. The park’s 18 kilometres of winding trails for freerides and downhill flows – from Mottolino to the valley floor – are interspersed with parabolas, tables, small drops and fun north shore riding through the woods.

No fear for the less experienced cyclists, you can safely try downhill and freeride biking along the “take it easy” trail. The only motto is “Mountain biking is fun”.

Open: 10 June – 1 October 2017 from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Mountain Park Carosello 3000

Colli di Coppi


“Mountain biking is freedom” is the motto in this part of the valley. No more steep routes, but dedicated flowing trails where you can let your mtb glide along a series of bends, humps and rhythmical bursts. You can cover 10 kilometres of new trails divided into two routes: the Coast to Coast and the “Roller Coaster”. The first one starts from the Carosello 3000 facility and goes to the Costaccia Refuge; whilst the second one, known as the Russian mountains for mountain bikers, reaches just above the town of Livigno across 4 kilometres of pure adrenaline in style flow.


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