Discovering Lessinia and the Little Dolomites

Where are they located? How many kilometres of off-road trails are there? Which single trails are the most spectacular and offer the greatest adrenaline rush? It’s difficult to summarise in a few lines all of the offers that are available for fat tyres in Lessinia and the Little Dolomites. Let's start with the location. We’re in the Veneto Pre-Alps between the provinces of Trento, Verona and Vicenza. No matter how many times you visit, there’s always something different to experience and tackle.

Open spaces, expansive meadows dotted with innumerable Alpine cottages and refuges crossed by trails and mule tracks; these are the ingredients offered by this destination’s off-road trails.

Getting around its different routes is no small feat: Italy Bike Hotels will teach you what to do. We have chosen the best itineraries and events for you!

Conquering Monte Tomba

Length: 59.2 km
Elevation gain: 1,830 m
Itinerary: Erbezzo, Foresta dei Folignani, Ref. Bocca di Selva, Monte Tomba (ref. Primaneve), Malera Pass, ref. Castelberto, Monte Cornetto, Fittanze Pass, Erbezzo

The tour starts in Erbezzo and tackles a long crossing at altitude, traversing the whole of Alta Lessinia and reaching the wartime trenches, which are incomparable lookout points over the Valla d'Adige and the Alpine peaks. The summit of Monte Tomba towers over all of the Veronese hills, lower Lake Garda and the summits of the Little Dolomites. This superb view will also accompany you along the downhill stretch.

Strada degli Eroi (Heroes Road)

Colli di Coppi


Length: 30 km
Elevation gain: over 1,000 m

More than just an excursion. If we had to describe this itinerary to you in a few words, we would use precisely those words. Yes, because it isn’t just an excursion, but a challenging itinerary of about 30 kilometres that reaches places that are sacred to the homeland.

It owes its name to the stretch of road of the Pasubio Massif, named in memory of 15 World War I heroes. And you? How much of a hero are you?


Colli di Coppi


Lessinia Legend
Borgo Chiesanuova (Verona)

Are you ready to make history and become a legend? This is the claim of the Lessinia Legend, the longest marathon in Italy. There are 125 kilometres along which you can reveal the hero in you. A dream or a challenge, a symbol of an epic mix of passion, exertion and a natural landscape of unforgettable beauty between Lake Garda and Verona.
The adventure is even open to the less heroic, thanks to the routes that are reduced from 62 to 39 kilometres. Are you ready?

GF Kask Soave Bike
28 May 2017
Soave (Verona)

If you can become a legend with the Lessinia Legend, with GF Kask Soave Bike you can enjoy a 360° experience of the territory on the back of your mountain bike. A return ticket from the walled city of Soave, a realm of white wine and a turning point at the foot of the Carega group. The watchwords are sport and fun. Need we say more? Seeing is believing.

3 Valli Bike Fun
Tregnago (Verona)

Colli di Coppi


A unique journey through the most evocative parts of the 3 Valli, or 3 Valleys (Val d'Illlazia, Val Tramigna and Valle di Mezzane), hence its name. The route is its strong point: technically complete, but at the same time within everyone's reach; designed to be covered early in the season. While the wide, well-trodden dirt roads are fun because of several single tracks. Let yourself be inspired, you won’t regret it!


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