No wonder Gino Bartali had the chance to be a great biker and champion

Sorting out Tuscany’s cycling offer is certainly not child's play: from the rugged mountains to the north, to the gentle hills of the central region, without forgetting the charming industrious plains climbing back up to the peaks of the Apennines. A region whose heart has always been devoted to cycling, with an extraordinary tradition in this great sport: Bartali, Magni and Nencini – and more recently Ballerini, Bettini, Cipollini – are just a few of the big cycling names who call Tuscany their home. It is no coincidence that the slogan of the Toscana2013 world cycling race is “Tuscany Land of Cyclists”.

While boasting a long road cycling tradition, Tuscany also offers many itineraries and single tracks that run through wooded and wild areas, from the hills overlooking the sea in Maremma to those of the island of Elba. Take our word that monotony plays no part in this region. Even Gino Bartali, had he been born in Maremma, could have been a great biker!

Massa Marittima

In Massa Marittima courage and curiosity are rewarded with simply fantastic, little known trails offering unforgettable adventures sure to make your biking friends back home green with envy. Here, where the medieval village surrounded by cypress trees, olive groves and vineyards best captures the ideal mix of relaxation and fun thanks to the deep natural toboggans, speed and capacity that characterise the Canyon trail, which every serious biker must experience at least once in their lifetime.
Try your hand at challenging Peter Sagan and Marco Aurelio Fontana’s times - or at least coming close. The challenge is on!

Canyon Trail

The trail is smooth and fast, thanks to the action of water in the canyon over time. An itinerary packed with edges, sudden elevation changes and natural banked turns with a great trail surface and free of stones. The central section will certainly leave you speechless, with its walls up to 3-4 metres high.

Punta Ala

The Punta Ala Trail Centre is the epicentre for mountain biking enthusiasts. Several itineraries with a Mediterranean flavour depart from here, characterised by fast and technical descents, guided sections, uphill stretches and challenging sprints. It is no coincidence that Punta Ala was selected as one of the stages of the Superenduro PRO and Enduro World Series races.
Another wonderful venue for MTB specialists is the region between Castiglione Della Pescaia and Follonica. The Bandite Trail Area is a natural park whose every corner has been impeccably looked after by expert trail-builders. While the trails seem totally natural, a tremendous effort of research and restoration has been dedicated to each and every one of them, for an end result that will surely leave you speechless. The area includes more than 15 routes of varying difficulty. We recommend two in particular: the Rock-On and The Sentinel trails.

Rock On

The longest, hardest and most challenging trail in this area: from Mount Stella to the Molina Valley across ridged trails characterised by elevation changes and rocky stretches, natural toboggans, and alternating fast and slower sections. For guaranteed fun.

The Sentinel

From Poggio Sentinella until just a few metres from the spectacular Cala Violina beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, overlooking the dense and evocative Mediterranean scrub. This trail will challenge you not only physically, but also mentally, given the various trajectories possible. It takes an instant to make a mistake, so nerves of steel are essential.

Island of Elba

When thinking of an island, the first images that immediately come to mind are beaches where you can relax under the hot sun, with a deep blue sea all around. But the island of Elba is a land of surprises, even to mountain bikers. Here, in fact, you are truly spoilt for choice, from the so-called GTE (“Great Elba Crossing”), the main route that crosses the island passing through all the main points of interest (Portoferraio, Capoliveri, Marciana Marina), to the Capoliveri Bike Park.

Giro Calamita (Bike Park Capoliveri)

Consisting of 5 permanent routes of varying difficulty and length, the Capoliveri Bike Park expands over more than 100 km of trails. Each itinerary is identified by a unique colour and is marked by special signs indicating the name. Make a note of this name: Calamita. This route takes its name from the rocky mountain promontory where the Bike Park is located, with an incredible landscape that opens up with the blue of the sea and immersed in pristine nature. Feel the wind high above the sea, between granite boulders and rosemary plants.

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