Hotlist: Where and when to plan for a cycling holiday in Italy

When to take a cycling holiday in Italy? What is the best period when the climate is warmer without getting burnt and cycling is pleasant? But most of all, where to go?

Trying to decide is never easy. Especially, when thinking about your next holiday. The holiday you have been dreaming of for months and you are trying to meticulously plan it and the wait is like a child waiting for Christmas day.

 For a holiday full of surprises and unpleasant incidents, here is everything you should know.

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The Lake District

Italy Bike Hotel destinations: Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda

The lakes have always attracted people, especially cyclists who love their peace and tranquillity. The best time is to avoid the summer season when hundreds of tourists flock the shores. So you could think about going in spring or early autumn. If you travel during this time, you can really appreciate the area thanks to less traffic, hustle and bustle and noise. In short, it is perfect for cycling.

When to go: April-May-June-September-October

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Cycling holidays by the sea

Italy Bike Hotel destinations: Tuscany, Liguria & Finale, Adriatic Riviera, Apulia, Elba Island, Abruzzo, Veneto

People, on the whole, imagine the sea as a palette of cobalt blue, endless beaches full of opened parasols and days which slowly pass by between a nap under the parasol and a dive in the sea. But, actually, this is only one aspect of a beach holiday, the one which is usually advertised. In fact, even cyclists can enjoy a beach holiday which does not necessarily mean flat routes.

If you like riding without stopping then we recommend Liguria, Puglia and the island of Elba where you can cycle in mild temperatures already in February or early November. If you are a more laid-back cyclist then Tuscany, Veneto, Abruzzo and the Adriatic Riviera are for you.

When to go: February-March-April-May, September- October-November

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Mountainous areas

Italy Bike Hotel destinations: Livigno, Bormio & Stelvio, Dolomites, Rome & the Apennines

Long ascents or adrenaline-pumping single track trails, what a joy! If you are looking for this for your cycling holiday then the destinations that are suitable for you are Livigno , Bormio &  Stelvio , Dolomites and Rome & the Apennines. To avoid venturing into snow, prohibitive temperatures and passes which are closed and prevent you from proceeding any further, we advise you first of all, to plan a cycling holiday during the summer months, but also to check that the passes you want to ride are actually open. The risk of going on a cycling holiday halfway would really make it unpleasant.

When to go: June-July-August-beginning of September

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Hilly areas

Italy Bike Hotel destinations: Piedmont, Veneto, Tuscany

Spring and autumn are definitely the preferred seasons for a cycling holiday in Piedmont, Veneto and inland Tuscany. The climate is warmer without getting burnt, traffic is just a faint memory of the past summer and you can ride more with the longer days and why not indulge in the food and wine stops or learn about the history and culture during the tour.

When to go: April-May-June-September- October

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