The 5 emerging destinations for mountain biking in 2018

Italy is packed full of beautiful trails and places that mountain bikers simply cannot resist: technical and fast descents, guided sections, jumps, mule tracks, flow trails, but also some of the most adrenaline-inducing canyons in the world.
If you are looking for recommendations for your next mountain biking holiday you are in the right place. We have selected 5 emerging destinations in Italy for 2018, which will be sure to guarantee you moments of unexpected and unforgettable adrenaline.


MTB in Toscana


With its long history of road cycling, Tuscany’s off-roads have nothing to envy from the most popular destinations. In particular, the Casentino National Park offers nearly 600 km of trails immersed in ancient forests, shrines and hermitages brimming with spirituality.

The “Biking in the Park” guide is an indispensable tool for cycling this area, in which in addition to the route map, you will also find all information related to the length, altitude and difficulty of routes - and much more.

Liguria, beyond Finale Ligure

MTB in Liguria


Considered one of the best spots for mountain biking enthusiasts, Finale Ligure is a cult destination, and not only in Italy. It is no coincidence that many bikers from around the world come here to test products and bicycles. The variety and richness of Finale’s itineraries is also found in lesser-known places such as the Dianese Gulf or Mount Faudo.

The Antennae route is one of the most appreciated in the area. It is home to the famous “jump into the blue”, a genuine springboard towards the sea. Are you ready to take flight?

Little Dolomites and Lessinia Natural Park

MTB Dolomiti


We are in the Venetian Prealps between the provinces of Trento, Verona and Vicenza. And it is precisely here that the Lessinia Legend takes place, the most gruelling mountain biking challenge in Europe: 125 km and an elevation gain of 4,500 m. Mind-boggling numbers.

What awaits bikers in this destination that is only “little” when it comes to its name, are open spaces, expansive meadows crossed by trails and mule tracks.

The Tuscan Emilian Apennines

MTB Appennino Tosco Romagnolo


Looking at them on paper, the rounded profiles of the Tuscan Emilian Apennines do not seem impossible. But this is just a first impression. This area is full of short uphill sections, yet offering deadly gradients reaching 20%. Are you ready to disappear, swallowed up by the prevailing green and mud that separates Tuscany from Romagna?

Piedmont & Langhe

MTB in Piemonte


Piedmont, land of mountains (literally meaning “at the foot of the mountains”). This would be enough to convince even the most sceptical bikers. The distinctive feature of this destination lies in its mountain roads and itineraries that unwind within the various Alpine arcs.

One itinerary that must absolutely be circled in red is the “Strada dell'Assietta” which unfolds almost entirely at an altitude above 2,000 metres. Are you ready to experience this adrenaline?

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