Via Francigena and other Roman routes Highlights


Riding along the Via Francigena means retracing the history of our continent;


Riding literally immersed in countless historical and archaeological artefacts that tell stories from centuries ago;


Taking in the beautiful countryside and the tranquillity of these pristine areas saved from building speculation.


Via Francigena and other Roman routes

In the middle ages it joined Canterbury to Rome and to the ports of Apulia. Today, Via Francigena has been rediscovered by many walkers and cyclists looking to enjoy this unique experience making their way across mountains and plains, passing through ancient villages, discovering historic monasteries, cycling through scenic woods and fields, rice fields and vineyards.

Via Francigena is perhaps the best known, but Italy is home to countless other Roman routes worth discovering on your bike, such as the Via Claudia Augusta, which starts from the Po Valley and reaches the Danube in Bavaria, across the Alps. This historic road was originally built to connect the Adriatic ports with the Danubian Plains and today it remains one of the easiest Alpine passes to ride and a destination for countless cyclists. Here, you can enjoy a combination of landscapes, lively towns and a rich historical heritage.

And let’s not forget the Via Appia Antica, the Queen of Roman roads, or the Via Aurelia which once served to link Rome with the territory that is currently Tuscany. And these are just a few of the most popular ones!

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