Italy’s most beautiful dirt roads Highlights


Cycling along the roads where great champions of the past trained their legs, from Fausto Coppi to Francesco Moser;


Dirt roads are synonymous with rocks, potholes, dust, mud, soil, but also a means for rediscovering the traditional flavours of simple foods such as typical cured meats, cheeses and soups;


Many “ciclostorica” events to attend (vintage cycle-touring events);


Travelling in and out of time.

Italy’s most beautiful dirt roads

A trekking bike, a landscape out of a postcard, a dirt road (in Italian known as a “strada bianca” or “white road”) and a great desire to ride. A journey through time to find yourself face to face with history (not only the history of cycling, but also many chapter from Italy’s rich history). Such as the Via Appia Antica, considered by the Romans as the “Regina Viarium” (“the Queen of Roads”), which connected Rome to Brindisi, one of the most important trading ports of ancient Italy.

This and much more are the experiences that you can enjoy if you decide to embark on a holiday along our dirt roads. Italy boasts countless such routes, recently rediscovered and enriched with numerous “ciclostoric” events where strictly vintage bikes and clothing are the rule and where everyone wins: the only reason to take part is to say “I was there”.

In the famous Chianti region in Tuscany, the local dirt roads cross through hills and small villages of incredible charm, perfectly embodying the spirit of this area: genuine lands that still maintain the old traditions and customs of the past, without giving into the temptation of allowing mass tourism to take over.

And let’s not forget the dense roads crossing through Trento, today brought into the spotlight by Francesco Moser to satisfy lovers of the two-wheels who every year take part in the popular “La Moserissima” event. Or the roads where Fausto Coppi trained in Piedmont. From North to South, you will certainly be spoilt by the selection available.

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