Catching sun rays at the end of the season

Cycling in Italy has great advantages. Not only will you discover unique panoramas and routes, but you can also take advantage of a longer cycling season than in many other parts of the world. When in September and October the passion of many cyclists starts to dampen, you can still plan great bike adventures in Italy at the end of the summer season. The mild temperatures in Italy are ideal for your cycling passion before the winter break. So all you have to do is choose the destination and get ready to catch the end of season sun rays – naturally on your racing bike.


Italy Bike Territory – Liguria

Liguria means Milan-Sanremo then Cipressa and Poggio. But not only this: as well as riding on the roads of the “Classicissima di Primavera”, the Ligurian territory offers the possibility to discover endless trails that head inland through the hills. Among the many routes suitable for those who prefer racing bikes, we recommend the Giro di Testico: you gently start from the seaside town of Alassio and then you tackle the ascent of Testico: 7 km at an average gradient of 4% with peaks at 6%. Pleasant uphill and downhill stretches will lead you back onto the coast where there is an array of aromas and typical colours of the Ligurian Mediterranean scrub.

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Italy Bike Territory – Veneto

Veneto is a land of champions and roads that have made Italian cycling history. Here the passion for sport is strong and you can really feel it when turning pedal stroke after pedal stroke. There is no lack of ascents, actually, they are almost inevitable during bike rides. Train legs and lungs: as well as challenging yourself on suggestive routes such as the one in Alta Lessinia, the time trial cannibal dedicated to Eddy Merckx (9.5 km with almost 600m of elevation), here you can also tackle alpine summits, including Monte Grappa.

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Italy Bike Territory – Tuscany

Imagine riding a racing bike, hills that look like they have been painted and a late summer sunset. All of this could come true: all you need to do is oil your bike chain, pack your bags and leave for Tuscany. A region with great cycling history, Tuscany is renowned for its trails that wind through the hills unlike anywhere else in the world. Among the many routes recommended for racing bikes, we suggest Val d’Orcia, a brief account of what you can expect from a bike ride in Tuscany: spectacular scenery, ancient villages and excellent food and wine traditions.

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Elba Island

Italy Bike Territory – Elba Island

Elba is not just about mountain biking. Even racing bike enthusiasts will find this a paradise made up of scenic roads, views overlooking the sea and strong fragrances. The best way to experience the island in all its beauty is to jump in the saddle and ride around it, always cycling along the coast. The route can be done in both directions, consisting of 109 km of constant uphill and downhill stretches with two short climbs in between, not to be underestimated: the Volterraio and Mount Tambone.

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The Adriatic Coast

Italy Bike Territory – Adriatic Coast

The Adriatic Riviera is synonymous with major events and the greatest cycling routes. The Romagna cross-country trails, known throughout the world, are routes that every racing bike lover should try, at least once in a lifetime. Starting from Rimini, you can reach the medieval village of Verucchio heading through Santarcangelo di Romagna, but not before challenging yourself to a 5-km climb with gradients up to 12%. If that’s not enough, you can head to the Republic of San Marino: the ascent up to the historic centre is a real climbing challenge with more than 17% slopes. You will be rewarded with many breathtaking views and lots and lots of good food.

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Italy Bike Territory – Apulia

The Apulian hinterland is an abundance of colours with beautiful rural villages scattered all around and charming cities of art. Then there is the coastline with white beaches and clear transparent sea. Puglia is able to leave you with long lasting memories, especially if you choose to experience it on the bike. The late summer days will make you think about everything except putting your bike away – what’s more you can enjoy the tranquillity, which is typical during low season. One of the routes we recommend is the Otranto – Leuca coastal road with its constant uphill and downhill stretches overlooking the sea or the Valle d’Itria, which leads you unexpectedly to the Trulli of Alberobello, a UNESCO heritage site.

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Italy Bike Territory – Abruzzo

Not only is Abruzzo the birthplace of the rising talent of Italian cyclist Giulio Ciccone, but it is a region with endless possibilities to zoom around riding a racing bike. The sea and mountains are very close which means climbs and breathtaking views. Starting from Giulianova, you can head into the Abruzzo hills of Mosciano Sant’Angelo and Bellante to experience the beauty of Abruzzo inland. The route is full of uphill and downhill stretches starting and finishing up along the seafront. If you want to cover more ground, we recommend the hills around Teramo.

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