the top all mountain mtb trails in Italy

Cycling for a lifetime, yet never getting enough of it. That’s how we like to define our cycling holidays. Our Bike Hotels are located in 13 Italian areas, all diverse in terms of landscapes, panoramas, single trails, mule tracks, toboggans, flows and local characteristics, but all great to explore, especially by bike. Start your incredible journey discovering the best routes we have selected for you.

3T Bike
3T Bike - Dolomites
Lenght: 33 kmElevation gain: 1,181 mDifficult: intermediate
Bandite di Scarlino
Bandite di Scarlino - Tuscany
Bossico Plateau
Bossico Plateau - Lake Iseo
Lenght: 7 KmElevation gain: 310mDifficult: Facile
Casentinesi - Tuscany
Como – Bellagio
Como – Bellagio - Como Lake
Lenght: 38 kmElevation gain: 1,470 mDifficult: difficult
Conca della Presolana
Conca della Presolana - Lake Iseo
Lenght: 33 KmElevation gain: 1.500 mtDifficult: Difficult
Conquering Monte Demut
Conquering Monte Demut - Dolomites
Lenght: 35 kmDifficult: medium
Country Bike Tour
Country Bike Tour - Dolomites
Lenght: 136 kmElevation gain: 4,600 mDifficult: difficult
Crossing the peaks
Crossing the peaks - Dolomites
Lenght: 42,3 kmElevation gain: 2,536 mDifficult: difficult
Engadine - Livigno
Lenght: 35 kmElevation gain: 1,050 mDifficult: intermediate
Expert Bike Tour
Expert Bike Tour - Dolomites
Lenght: 171 kmElevation gain: 7,700 mDifficult: very difficult
From Campocatino to Fiuggi
From Campocatino to Fiuggi - Rome & Apennines
Lenght: 25 kmElevation gain: 306 mDifficult: intermediate
From Canzo to Monte San Primo
From Canzo to Monte San Primo - Como Lake
Lenght: 44 kmElevation gain: 1,384 mDifficult: difficult
From Fiuggi to Lake Canterno
From Fiuggi to Lake Canterno - Rome & Apennines
Lenght: 36.5 kmElevation gain: 682 mDifficult: easy
Giro del Monte Spina
Giro del Monte Spina - Dolomites
Lenght: 46 kmElevation gain: 1,792 mDifficult: difficult
Giulianova and Tortoreto
Giulianova and Tortoreto - Abruzzo
Lenght: 28 kmElevation gain: 650 mDifficult: intermediate
Gothic Line
Gothic Line - Adriatic coast
Lenght: 22 kmElevation gain: 1,455 mDifficult: difficult
Hermitage of Santa Caterina
Hermitage of Santa Caterina - Lake Maggiore
Lenght: 40Elevation gain: 500 mDifficult: medium
Lessinia - Veneto
Lenght: 125 kmElevation gain: 4,500 mDifficult: difficult
Loop ride of the masserie
Loop ride of the masserie - Apulia
Lenght: 64 KmElevation gain: 520 mDifficult: Easy
Malghe - Veneto
Lenght: 63 kmElevation gain: 1,750 mDifficult: intermediate
Mòcheni Valley
Mòcheni Valley - Dolomites
Lenght: 80 kmDifficult: difficult
Monte Belpo and Pineta Sperane
Monte Belpo and Pineta Sperane - Garda Lake
Lenght: 35.5 kmElevation gain: 1,100 mDifficult: intermediate
Monte Calamita
Monte Calamita - Elba Island
Lenght: 19 KmElevation gain: 800 mDifficult: Easy
Monte Cesen
Monte Cesen - Veneto
Lenght: 29 kmElevation gain: 1,000 mDifficult: intermediate
Tour of Monte Civerone
Tour of Monte Civerone - Dolomites
Lenght: 16 kmElevation gain: 687 mDifficult: easy
Monte di Tremezzo
Monte di Tremezzo - Como Lake
Lenght: 25 kmElevation gain: 1,000 mDifficult: difficult
Monte Faudo
Monte Faudo - Liguria & Finale
Lenght: 34 kmElevation gain: 1191 mDifficult: difficult
Monte Perone
Monte Perone - Elba Island
Lenght: 12 KmElevation gain: 740 mDifficult: Difficult
Montferrat - Piedmont
Lenght: 27 kmElevation gain: 167 mDifficult: easy
Mountain Bike in the Umbra Forest
Mountain Bike in the Umbra Forest - Apulia
Lenght: 55 KmElevation gain: 824 mDifficult: Moderate
On the shores of Lake Maggiore
On the shores of Lake Maggiore - Lake Maggiore
Lenght: 39 kmElevation gain: 740 mDifficult: medium
Discovering Porto Azzurro
Discovering Porto Azzurro - Elba Island
Lenght: 30 KmElevation gain: 1090 mDifficult: Moderate
Rifugio Nemes and the Croce Pass
Rifugio Nemes and the Croce Pass - Dolomites
Lenght: 45 kmElevation gain: 900 mDifficult: intermediate
Roller Coaster
Roller Coaster - Liguria & Finale
Lenght: 47 kmElevation gain: 1,600 mDifficult: intermediate-difficult
San Faustin trail
San Faustin trail - Liguria & Finale
Lenght: 25 kmElevation gain: 924 mDifficult: intermediate
Santa Croce - Valgardena
Santa Croce - Valgardena - Dolomites
Lenght: 55 kmElevation gain: 2,244 mDifficult: intermediate
Sellaronda Tour
Sellaronda Tour - Dolomites
Lenght: 58 kmElevation gain: 330 mDifficult: easy
Soave hills
Soave hills - Veneto
Lenght: 50 kmElevation gain: 1,600 m Difficult: difficult
Strada dell'Assietta
Strada dell'Assietta - Piedmont
Lenght: 60 kmElevation gain: 1,750 mDifficult: average to difficult
Tagliamento River and reclaimed areas
Tagliamento River and reclaimed areas - Veneto
Lenght: 56 kmElevation gain: about 100 m
The Monte Conero Natural Park
The Monte Conero Natural Park - Adriatic coast
Lenght: 35 kmElevation gain: 400mDifficult: easy
The Pala Group
The Pala Group - Dolomites
Lenght: 60 kmElevation gain: 1,000 mDifficult: intermediate
The south of the island
The south of the island - Elba Island
Lenght: 35 kmElevation gain: 1400 mDifficult: Difficult
The Stoneman Trail
The Stoneman Trail - Dolomites
Lenght: 120 kmElevation gain: 4,000 mDifficult: difficult
To the Cima Nove woods
To the Cima Nove woods - Dolomites
Lenght: 24.2 kmElevation gain: 1,714 mDifficult: difficult
Torri di Fraele
Torri di Fraele - Bormio / Stelvio
Lenght: 26 kmElevation gain: 929 mDifficult: medium
Tour of ancient traditions
Tour of ancient traditions - Dolomites
Lenght: 28kmElevation gain: 1,163 mDifficult: intermediate
Tour of Giulianova
Tour of Giulianova - Abruzzo
Lenght: 30 kmElevation gain: 755 mDifficult: average
Tremalzo Tour
Tremalzo Tour - Garda Lake
Lenght: 61Elevation gain: 2,000 mDifficult: advanced
Val Zebrù
Val Zebrù - Bormio / Stelvio
Lenght: 17 kmElevation gain: 654 mDifficult: easy
Zignago valley
Zignago valley - Veneto
Lenght: 100 kmElevation gain: 125 mDifficult: easy