Prosecco Area Highlights


Monte Grappa is the front door of the Dolomites; the entryway to the highest peaks;


The Prosecco Area has recently been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site;


The diverse scents and colours that come with each season are always able to offer something different to your bicycle outings.


Prosecco Area

The area is inundated with rich flavours and aromas from the seemingly endless vineyards, extending over the softly rolling hills for as far as the eye can see. In the Prosecco Area there aren’t any “one-off” itineraries, because the ever-changing nuances of colour, light and scents mean itineraries can be repeated in every season: from the Monte Grappa challenge – site of several stages of the Giro d’Italia – to the various slip-roads, or bretelle, that begin and end on the Montello cycling circuit.

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Bike season


Bike events

Monte Grappa Bike Day

A non-competitive, free event dedicated to all cycling enthusiasts. In the last edition, over 10,000 cyclists from all regions of Italy, Europe and the world came together to climb Monte Grappa.

Prosecco Cycling

At Prosecco Cycling everyone’s a winner, because cyclists come to Valdobbiadene mainly to enjoy the flavours and colours of the Prosecco hills.

Pasta e fasoi (Pasta and bean soup)

Soup prepared with beans that have been cooked and puréed. Tagliatelle are added to the simmering pot and the soup is served with a piece of lard, pepper, grated Grana Padano cheese and olive oil.

Ovi e sparasi (Eggs and asparagus)

The undisputed protagonists of Veneto cuisine are white asparagus from Bassano, harvested when they haven’t yet emerged from the ground. With a bitter-sweet flavour, they are known for their exceptional tenderness and are served with rice (risotto coi sparasi), in lasagne, or the most typical recipe: ovi e sparasi. In this case, the asparagus are served with a boiled egg-based sauce, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Gran bollito alla padovana (Mixed boiled meat)

The fundamental ingredient is cotechino. This boiled meat dish also includes corned tongue, calf’s head and chicken meat, served with horseradish, salsa verde, mostarda and salt.


Italian dessert par excellence, which is of Veneto origin. The traditional version consists of 4 ingredients: mascarpone, eggs, savoiardi biscuits and coffee. But there are many versions, from tiramisu with strawberries to nougat or pumpkin and almonds.

Conegliano-Valdobbiadene DOCG

A fresh and elegant wine known throughout the world for its versatility. Excellent pairings include gastronomic delicacies from Veneto, modern cuisine, and precious produce from the land such as Treviso Radicchio, White Asparagus, and local cheeses such as Morlacco and Imbriago.

Prosecco Area refers to the provinces of the Veneto region (excluding Rovigo and Verona) and all of the provinces in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in which two DOCGs are produced: Prosecco di Conegliano-Valdobbiadene and Colli Asolani-Prosecco.

Prosecco achieved fame in the nineties, but it was in the early sixteenth century that the need arose to distinguish Ribolla Triestina from other wines of the same name that were produced in the Gorizia area, and from the lower costs in Istria. At the end of the century, therefore, there was a change to the appellation, but more importantly, also to the precise geographic characterisation suggested by the identification of the place of production of antiquity: castellum nobile vino Pucinum changed to Castello di Prosecco (Prosecco Castle), near the locality of Prosecco.