Garda Lake Highlights


Cycle up some of the climbs that symbolise the Giro d’Italia, such as the Crocedomini Pass, the Presolana Pass, the Maniva Pass and “Little Stelvio”, or rather, Monte Baldo;


Taste the most select wines of the area, such as Custoza;


Travel through Italian history via the moraine hills, with their villas and fortified hamlets.


Garda Lake

Surrounded by three different regions (Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige), Lake Garda is the largest body of water in Italy, and is even able to captivate cyclists with the sense of stillness and serenity it conveys. A testament to this are the thousands of cyclists who, throughout the year, rush to the northern banks of the lake to enjoy a holiday on the back of their bike.

The clear, fresh waters of the lake are, in fact, surrounded by postcard-worthy vistas within the verdant hills, where Monte Baldo and Monte Tremalzo soar a short distance away.

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Bike season


Bike events

GF Peschiera del Garda

An event conceived and designed for cycling enthusiasts, born from a wish to join cycling and sustainable tourism. A day dedicated to the values of sport, to be experienced in a fun way, with passion and a desire for new challenges.

Tortellini di Valeggio

Produced rigorously by hand according to tradition, tortellini are characterised by a thin sheet of pasta and a meat filling. You can enjoy them in broth or seasoned with melted butter and sage. Every year on the third Tuesday of June, tortellini are honoured by a grand festival that takes place on the Visconteo Bridge.

Brodo bruciato (Burnt broth)

A thick broth prepared with water, toasted flour and extra virgin olive oil from Garda. Depending on how much the flour has been toasted, the broth will be lighter or darker in colour.

Carne salada (Cured meat)

Lean, pre-seasoned meat to be eaten raw and thinly sliced, or more thickly sliced and dipped in olive oil with a few drops of vinegar, then cooked on the grill and served on a warmed plate with beans or Torbole broccoli.

The hinge between Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige, Lake Garda is surrounded by moraine hills that give softness to the landscape. From the highest points it’s possible to get an idea of the relationship between the mountains and the hills, whose profile of a circular shape seems to embrace the southern part of the lake.