Como Lake Highlights


Cycle along the world’s hardest bike path: Muro di Sormano (Wall of Sormano);


Cover itineraries that are as hard as they are fantastically scenic, with views of the two branches of the lake or of the most beautiful peaks of the Alpine foothills;


Be surrounded by the green and blue of the valleys, woods, grassy clearings and flowering meadows;


Visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Ghisallo, the patron saint of cyclists.

Como Lake

Even those who don’t know much about cycling have heard of the Giro di Lombardia, a cycling icon that is part of the culture of every bike enthusiast. And it’s right in this area that the classic Giro di Lombardia passes through –the Autumn World Championship – the race most loved by Fausto Coppi (who managed to win it 5 times – 4 consecutively). Lake Como by bike is demanding; flat stretches are rare and, moving away from the lake, there are plenty of challenging climbs of medium to short lengths.

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Bike season


Risotto with perch

A freshwater fish that is appreciated for its tender and delicate meat, perch is used to flavour rice, and is toasted in the pan together with finely chopped carrot, onion and celery to enhance the flavours.

Lavaret in “carpione”

The classic preparation of “carpione”, or souse, is by cooking in vinegar. A popular dish is lavaret in carpione with vinegar and honey. In the past, this preparation served as a way of preserving for autumn and winter the fish caught during the warmer months, when the fishermen didn’t salt or smoke the fish.

Polenta and misultin

In the Como area the classic pairing of polenta, an ancient cornmeal-based dish, is with salted missolitini, or dried shad (or misultin in dialect), to be pan-fried. The particularity of this dish is that the process takes place in stages, in order to be able to preserve it for an extended period.

The deepest lake in Italy, and a popular retreat for the rich and aristocratic since the Roman era due to its microclimate and landscape dotted with prestigious villas, Lake Como is still one of the privileged tourist destinations. Its origins are still uncertain, but it has been praised by major poets and musicians such as Alessandro Manzoni, Stendhal and George Gordon Byron since the 1800s.

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