Brenta Dolomites Highlights


It is between these mountains and the nearby Non Valley that champions like Francesco Moser and Maurizio Fondriest enjoyed their first rides;


The climbs are longer than 10 km, but there are also flat and tranquil valley bottoms where you can ride in peace;


You can’t say that you were here without having cycled the whole tour of the Brenta Group.


Brenta Dolomites

In the heart of the Dolomites the scenery is majestic in any direction you choose to ride. The Brenta Group is characterised by its majestic and superb shapes, like the ascents that away you in this destination: Long, with mostly constant slopes. The open view and the various ups and downs that you will find here can be misleading even for experienced cyclists. It is in fact difficult to correctly assess both the slopes, as well as the right gear.

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Bike season



Traditional dumplings made with bread, milk and eggs, typically flavoured with the addition of speck, ham, cheese and parsley. In every valley, they are cooked in different ways: with buckwheat, steamed or thin and pressed. The dish was a staple for farmers and peasants and it was eaten on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. In times of famine, the cubed ham was replaced with turnips.

Cutting the dumplings with a knife is a terrible insult to the cook: tradition, in fact, requires that you break them up with a fork.

There are also sweet variations of this traditional dish, with the addition of cinnamon/cloves, strawberries or berries.

“Radicchio dell’orso” (alpine blue-sow-thistle)

Alpine blue-sow-thistle is a wild plant with a bitter taste that grows at an altitude of 2,000 metres at the edges of the snow. It is pickled in a sweet and sour brine and is used in many recipes.

Torta di fregolotti”

Cake made with butter and almonds with a crumbly consistency, perfect for recharging your batteries after a long day of biking or for starting off your day with a bang.

The Brenta Dolomites are a subsection of the Southern Rhaetian Alps located entirely within Western Trentino. Traditionally, the group is divided into three parts: the central part is the most popular with visitors, with the most picturesque peaks of the Group; the northern part is wilder and less crowded; and finally, the southern part is particularly popular during the summer season.

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