Alto Adige & South Tyrol Highlights


Alto Adige & South Tyrol is the area with the highest number of passes that are easily reachable during your outings, such as the Sella Pass, Rombo Pass, Gardena Pass, Monte Giovo Pass, Pennes Pass, Mendola Pass, Stalle Pass, but also the Stelvio Pass.


Reach the biggest plateau in Italy.


Scale the most famous climbs in the world; it's no coincidence that the biggest cycling events take place on these streets.


Participate in the queen of the Gran Fondo rides: the Marathon of the Dolomites.

Alto Adige & South Tyrol

From the Alpine crossings of Alto Adige to the country roads and perfectly paved bike paths that wind through the landscapes of the various valleys, and the daring descents and climbs that lead to over 2,500 m of altitude, Alto Adige & South Tyrol requires training and exertion, but offers exceptional landscapes and inspiration.

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Bike season


Bike events

Marathon of the Dolomites

We’re talking about the queen of the Gran Fondo rides: 138 kilometres, 4,190 metres of elevation gain and the number of participants limited to 9,000, but the number of registrations being at least twice, if not triple that number. That’s why it’s the most prestigious amateur cycling race in the world. The Marathon is accompanied by a large programme of collateral events that lasts for several days.

Gnocchi made with bread, milk and eggs, usually enriched with the addition of Speck, prosciutto, cheese and parsley. Each valley has a different way of preparing them: with buckwheat, steamed or magri (without Speck) and pressed. The dish was the mainstay of the peasant diet and was eaten on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. In times of scarcity turnips substituted the cubed pancetta.
Cutting Canederli with a knife is a terrible affront to the cook: tradition, in fact, dictates splitting them with only a fork.
There are also plenty of sweet varieties with the addition of cinnamon and/or cloves, strawberries or berries.

Apple Strudel
A sweet made from rolled or filled pastry; the most popular version is with apple, pine nuts, raisins and cinnamon. Traditionally, it’s mainly prepared in Alto Adige in Trentino, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Each place has its own recipe.

Apples, wine and Speck
Alto Adige is home to the largest fruit-growing area in Europe, and was the first European producer of organic apples; over 13 varieties have IGP designation.
Despite being one of the smallest Italian wine regions, twenty grape varietals are cultivated there. And out of all the small wine regions, it boasts the most awards.
Lastly, Speck is another of the area’s delicacies, and was originally prepared by peasants as a way of preserving the pork that was slaughtered over Christmas for the whole year.

Alto Adige & South Tyrol is a legendary place; the site of clashes during the First World War;  a place where the old and the modern coexist between tradition and innovation. A place of pristine landscapes, made up of contrasts that range from the imposing Dolomites to the Mediterranean atmosphere of the vineyard-covered hills. But here in Alto Adige & South Tyrol, it’s the people and their culture that make this land a unique place in the world.