Mountain Bike & Downhills in Tuscany

This marvellous training circuit takes you from the sea to Mount Serra, with a bird’s eye view over Pisa.
If you like, you can do the same tour starting from Pisa and heading directly for the mountain, but we would like to give you a glimpse of the sea breaking onto a really beautiful beach.
There are an infinite number of routes around Mount Serra, but we want to suggest a combination of roads and tracks that take you almost to the top.
On the return trip, you ride through beautiful pine woods.
Let’s hop on our bikes and get started!

The challenges


Mount Serra is the setting for many MTB competitions in the area

Viareggio: from here we set off along the sea front and cross the harbour bridge. We follow the sea until the road turns into a rough track.
We continue to Marina di Vecchiano, and beyond that to the mouth of the River Serchio.
We follow the river bank as far as the Via Aurelia, which we now have to cross. We then continue along the course of the river until we get to Pontasserchio.
The road is now properly surfaced as far as San Giuliano, and we climb up through the gap and down towards Lucca on a metalled road. We turn right at San Lorenzo a Vaccoli, and from here we begin the long climb towards the top of Mount Serra.
A wide unmade road takes us almost to the top, but then we have to turn right and complete the last 500 metres on a narrow pathway. This widens out into a splendid twisting track for our descent, taking us back to the gap at San Giuliano which we encountered previously.
We return by following the river bank the opposite way we came, but instead of continuing to the sea, we turn off into the pine woods which form part of the lovely Migliarino Regional Park at San Rossore: a nature reserve of outstanding interest and beauty. You would not believe you are cycling between two cities and close to one of the busiest railway lines in Italy.
The Via Aurelia is running alongside, with all its heavy traffic, but we do not become aware of it until we reach Viareggio.
We have completed a delightful circuit of 80 kilometres.


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