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Cycling Holidays in Tuscany

Cycle for a lifetime, you will never exhaust its possibilities

Tuscany: There is something magical in this name, something that takes us back to the history of the country itself, to its language and its cultural heritage.
Here in Tuscany, the landscape is infinitely varied in every part: with the white marble slopes of the Apuan Alps in the north, the Maremma marshes in the south, the cliffs and beaches of the western Tyrrhenian coast, and the majestic peaks of the Apennines in the east. And then, of course, there are the famous hills which help give Tuscany its very special character.
When you travel through the region, you will be amazed by its ever-changing character: starting from the rugged mountains of the north, then on to the gentle hills in the centre, through the great agricultural plains, and then up again to the Apennine peaks, a focus of winter sports. The whole territory is immersed in the age-old tradition of cultivating vines and olives, fixed points in the cultural history of this region.
The many local museums are full of interest, while the towns which seem to epitomise the very essence of Romanesque or mediaeval architecture are certain to captivate you with their beauty.
It is so easy to explore this region, travelling into the past but with all the convenience of the present.
With its huge choice of routes, including metalled roads, rough tracks, and cobbled streets, Tuscany has long been the homeland and training-ground of great champions.
To name just two of these, with completely different styles: Cipollini and Bartoli, both legends of the cycling world.


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Where to ride



Find routes in Tuscany for those who love cycling is easy at any level. It is an area, especially Versilia, which lends itself to the passion for two wheels and a wide range of itineraries in Tuscany. You can find everything there: from easy coastal route on the sea, to the most challenging route towards the Apuan Alps. The climate is ideal for those who want to enjoy cycling holidays and that is why the bike hotel in Tuscany here, are the perfect habitat.


Among the proposals, many even those only cycling – very popular with foreigners who love cycling in Tuscany – there is also an event par excellence, namely the beautiful Gran Fondo of Versilia. The Gran Fondo of Versilia has a significant tourist attraction and an organizational level as an “international event”. Two paths, with nine climbs, 2045 meters in altitude, a maximum gradient of nearly 14% for a total of 140 km of the route of the Marathon and 90 km Mediofondo version, with departure and arrival in Viareggio. The path winds through some famous towns of Versilia: from Viareggio to the hills of Lucca, touching the destinations more suggestive of the coast and inland.

To cyclists, in Versilia, is known then the ascent of Monte Serra, the classic route to “test” on which to test your training level with its 6.3 kilometers of ascent (covered in 16’10 “by an Ivan Basso perfectly trained). If the Versilia is less known and frequented by bikers, the MTB in Tuscany can find several and interesting outlets ‘everywhere and even in well-equipped prep schools.


Piano della Fioba/Passo del Vestito

You cannot escape, these are the places frequented by solitary sailors who frequent the forum of the climbers. We are in Massese. Nature, colors, rocks and effort, served in a two-wheel mix as of those for really enthusiasts. So much effort because the roads go up a lot, but the satisfaction of crossing a land so beautiful and varied is priceless.


We start from the Passo del Vestito, suggestive for its name, it is not a joke: you must be skilled and well-trained cyclists to climb 21 km with an elevation of 1033 meters, the maximum gradient of the 9%, it reaches a maximum altitude of 1046 m. It is a recommended route from April to November. It starts quietly from Massa.

This is a good one to test your legs uphill, if you want to face a challenging and long path, about 120 km and 2451 meters of altitude, experts suggest this route always starting from Massa and along the Garfagnana. It is called Tour of “Passo del Vestito & the Garfagnana” and enjoy the beauty of Lake Gramolazzo and undulating territory along the valley of the River Acqua Bianca: it crosses Minucciano and then Pieve San Lorenzo, it goes back to Massa through the route 445


Massa Vecchia

If you are looking for mountain bike “hors category” you need the experts of Maremma Cup, which organizes a journey (a little bit difficult) through the province of Grosseto, which reveals the excellence of the territory of Grosseto, starting from Massa Marittima, Monte Argentario, Monte Amiata and Arcidosso.


The Maremma Cup is an event that resists and makes us discover beautiful places around Massa Vecchia, perfectly suitable for biking. With its spectacular short races, between Massa Marittima, Porto Santo Stefano, Grosseto and Arcidosso, the organizers, led by Pierluigi Nicolini, they even nominated this territory to the organization of the World Championship Mountain Bike.

This is a land of Tuscany suitable for bike that offers trips, vacations, hiking and even excellent training camp. Many activities revolve around the ability and passion of a champion like Thomas Frischknecht, who oversees the farm Massa Vecchia in Massa Marittima today become multipurpose center dedicated to off-road managed with Ernesto Hutmacher.

In Massa Vecchia, for those who love nature and active holidays in mountain biking or cycling, there are 20 proposals for road bikes paths from 30 km to 200 km. CLOSE


Make cycling in Tuscany is easy. Just take a bike and go, get out of a bike hotel and immerse yourself in nature and flavors of Maremma. To the discovery of many itineraries. It starts for example from Castiglione della Pescaia, the heart of Maremma, loved for its scenery and also the ideal microclimate that gives pleasure of hiking and outdoor activities almost all year round.


The gravel roads of the Maremma are ideal for those who love this kind of cycling holiday. And if you get organized, not to be missed are the riding dedicated to food and wine, which are worth the effort and … ticket. In Grosseto, many of them are organized, even in the warmer months like July and August, when you decide to ride early in the morning to enjoy the remainder during the hottest hours in the shade of the Mediterranean scrub.

For lovers of cycling holidays, to be reported the Tour of Costa d’Argento and the Capalbio Hills. It takes at least 4 days to discover the Maremma by bicycle. Among the fixed stages, there is Orbetello, along the cycle path of the sun, passing through the picturesque villages of Montiano and Magliano in Toscana, then the unique view of Ansedonia, after having faces a stretch in the inland, and then the garden dei Tarocchi, and a path Capalbio that borders the park of the Uccellina to conquer also… Talamone.

The Uccellina Park and the reserve of Monte Argentario, on a stretch of rugged coastline on the sea, are the hallmark of this wonderful journey on two wheels.


History and Culture


Tuscany’s Unesco World Heritage

Tuscany is from a long time among the italian regions the most visited in absolute. Its irresistible charm, that attracts every year million of tourists from the whole world and other italian regions, it is also testified by the long list of sites included in the World Heritage by UNESCO. Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca, but also little towns like Massa Marittima or St. Gimignano, they are worth alone a trip.


Rich of history, city of art, monuments and important naturalistic zones, Tuscany attracts every year a lot of visitors interested in culture, art, history and nature, but also sport. Cycling, for example, Tuscany offers a lot of opportunities to discover the territory, with a lot of tourist runs. Among the sites included in the list of UNESCO world heritage, the monuments of Tuscany are even 6. The first to be included in the World Heritage list was in 1982 the whole historical centre of Florence.

To the city of Dante were then added other important monuments of rare beauty, like the Cathedral Place of Pisa, with its famous tower, and the historical centres of other beautiful towns like St. Gimignano, with a lot of medieval towers, Siena famous for its characteristic place to form of shell, and Pienza.

More recently, in 2004, the UNESCO has also included in the World Heritage sites list also the whole Orcia Valley, a big valley situated in province of Siena and famous for its particular landscape with the “Crete”.Among these enchanting landscapes, you can do beautiful bike tours, crossing a lot of towns of the rare beauty. Choosing the Italy Bike Hotels, you can comfortably visit all the Tuscan cities of the UNESCO World Heritage.


Tuscany has a concentration of beauty and works of Art unique in the world, testimony of the Etrusca civilisation can be found scattered through many of the regions, from Fiesole and Cortona and Chiusi to Volterra and Populonia, Vetulonia and Sovana: they are the remains of walls and doors, temples and overall tombs. Very significant Roman remains such as temples, theatres and the thermal baths at Fiesole; amphitheaters at Luni, Lucca and Arezzo; theatres and thermal baths at Volterra.


It is the Roman architecture of the XI century that one can find the most interesting thanks to the Pisana and Fiorentina schooling which characterises the most interesting architecture of that period for many of the cities in Tuscany, Pistoia, Siena, S. Gimignano, Volterra, Cortona ecc.

In the XV century at Firenze the Rinasciment rises and then expands throughout Italy; in this period not only can one see the birth of new architecture and works of art but also the realisation of new urban ideas, Montepulciano, this town is testimony . Montescudaio enjoys a splendid view of the lands of the Val di Cecina, dominated by many hills it is a territory to discover, made of sconfinated forests and villages which seem to be suspended in the sky. The valley pushes itself until Volterra, and city of medieval aspect which vants many monuments, an historic past which starts with the Piazza dei Priori the Palace and the Dome.

Massa Marittima, a medieval fortress on the metallifere hills, and the magic atmosphere the one can breath in the Piazza Garibaldi, the most important monument of the city, one of the most beautiful squares in the whole of Italy, you can also see the Dome one of the works of Art of the Roman – Gothic architecture , then there is the Palazzo Pretorio, ancient residence of the podestà and the majestic comunal Palace.




Extravergin Olive Oil

The olive-tree represents one of the aspects most characteristic of our agriculture. Both olives and vines are the most typical and important culture for our area. Only the love of our farmers for the cultivation of olive-trees made possible to restore, in relatively short times, this business after the terrible frost of January 5, 1995. The Villa Cerna has specialized olive groves: variety Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo. Quickly after harvest, follows pressing and then extraction with low pressure and low temperature. Oil is preserved in the oilcan of our company, where we do even filtration with cotton before hand bottling of oil.

Bike disciplines in Tuscany


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