San Marino & Adriatic Coast

Mountain Bike & Downhills in San Marino & Adriatic Coast

We would like to recommend a beautiful circuit on the very edge of Romagna.
Beyond this, you would be in Tuscany.
This itinerary takes you into the green hills of the Romagna hinterland.
We are not yet up in the mountains and the tops of these hills are pleasantly rounded.
It makes you want to explore this undulating terrain and immerse yourself in its lush green foliage.
We must set off for Bagno di Romagna, 50 km away from Cesena.

The Challenges


A circuit of Zucchero Dante

Romagna also offers a large number of events for Mountain Bikers.
We have selected a 25-km circuit which leaves from the town centre of Bagno di Romagna. From here, we continue upwards towards the Mandrioli Pass.
We can take our time negotiating a long series of bends: the road carries very little traffic. Stop and enjoy the view, we are travelling through the area of Nocicchio and Mount Zucchero Dante.
We won’t follow the whole route along the border with Tuscany; instead we take a left turn onto a technically difficult path. You need to be very careful on this descent: it is by no means easy.
We continue through a beautiful fir wood until we get to the Serra Pass.
A series of exciting bends take us downhill, and then along a ridge consisting largely of rocky slabs, from where another sequence of bends leads down to the ruins of Nasseto.
The track becomes wider and runs alongside the Gualchiere canal, and after a series of fords we return to the metalled road leading back to Bagno di Romagna.


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