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Cycling Holidays in Rome & Hills

An unforgettable journey into the past and the fateful hills where history unfolded: the unique pleasure of cycling through the mythical story of Rome.

You’ll find thousands of guide books to describe the Eternal City to you far better than us. Cycling through an urban centre is not the most enjoyable experience even if that city is Rome.
We want to take you to the outskirts, to the hills which form part of an epic story featuring ancient peoples, battles, popes, and various forms of invasion: in short, the history of this territory.
Not far from the busy centre, there’s another, quiet, face of Rome amongst the castles, lakes and gentle hills which overlook the plain on which the city stands. In the distance, you can just see the long chain of the Apennines.
But we are going to stay down in the hills, where the Romans spend their weekends in the shade of the woods, instead of heading for the sea. Once you are out of the chaos of the city, you’ll be pleased to discover how beautifully green the route is which takes you to Rocca di Papa.
This town is a real oasis in the hills, and dominates Lake Albano, a glistening sheet of water inside the mouth of an extinct volcano. You will also see the reflection of nearby Castel Gandolfo, the chosen summer residence for successive popes.
So why is this so well worth a visit?
Nowadays, Castel Gandolfo is a beautiful spectacle balanced on the edge of the crater, and you can cycle in this peaceful environment forgetting that you are close to one of Europe’s major cities.
Facing you across the lake is the enchanting Rocca di Papa, a little town which seems to cling to the rock to avoid slipping into the water.
This is indeed an evocative trip into the history of Europe and the western world. Your return to Rome is sure to be TRIUMPHAL.


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Where to ride


GF Rome

An amateur Gran Fondo in Rome, caput mundi, as the new and already successful in New York, was missing from the scene of events amateur cycling. Now there is. Already in its first year has been successful, with its scenic departure touching the Colosseum. And its two thousand participants. An event that was missing for the breathtaking beauty of Rome, also nice to discover, albeit mostly in the initial stages by bicycle. And pedaling.


Bicycle enthusiasts cannot give up to this Roman dream on two wheels. Whether are enthusiasts – and there are many – from the center-south of Italy who did not have a great amateur Gran Fondo so great and with a lot of participants – whether foreigners particularly accustomed, even on vacation, looking for a bike hotel from which to explore beautiful places. And Rome is unique in its kind. Single uncontested. Like some of its itineraries, history and landscape of absolute beauty, with the advantage of the climate. That for those who grind km by bike is really important.

At my signal, unleash the bikes, the slogan decided by the organizers after the first edition in 2012, have already set the date for 2013: Sunday, the 13th of October will be the big day for a two-wheels marathon that moves from the center of Rome in a sightseeing tour that has its culmination in an amateur race-event in all respects, by pedaling and sweating with all the rules laid down of the game.


Bis Tour of the Abbazie Lazio MTB

There is a project of the department of Culture art and sport of the Lazio Region who pulled the sprint to cycling in Lazio and passion for mountain biking in this beautiful country, rich in history and natural beauty. And thanks to this project that the Tour of Abbazie, shrines and castles in Lazio has become attractive for lovers of off-road racing through various initiatives and, even tourist,it can achieve two objectives: to satisfy the pleasure of going in bike, on fat tires, and highlight the historical, religious and cultural heritage of the Lazio Region.


Provide itineraries that can be replicated and beyond of the events reserved for professional bikers pleasant, sometimes challenging, but rich in content. All promoted by bike hotels in Lazio. Among the bike trails in Lazio to report that tested successfully from Ciociaria Bike mountain bike, which has been tried and tested over the 7 km circuit designed in the hills of Marcellina and the neighboring municipality of San Polo dei Cavalieri with some parts of slope greater than 23% in the first half of the race. A circuit that tests your trained legs and it is fun enough for its technical part.

The Tour of Abbazie, shrines and castles in Lazio that is organized for over 10 years was born on Sundays off road trips along the paths of Aurunci. Try and try these tracks has the flavor of an infinite discovery.


Anagni (City of Popes)

Anagni is the city of the Popes, for having given birth to four popes (Innocent III, Alexander IV, Gregory IX and Pope Boniface VIII) and for a long time been the papal residence. An important promise to embark for a cycling holiday, to discover its beautiful medieval center, full of austere buildings, Romanesque churches and squares with elegant architecture and ancient buildings, the house Barnekow and the cathedral with rare frescoes of the Italian thirteenth century.


One of the itineraries most beaten by cyclists connects Anagni in Ferentino and Fumone. Among the routes most frequently reported by tourist facilities also what connects Ferentimo, Fumone, Fiuggi and Anagni. Ideal for those who want more bike paths plus train, it is quite challenging but allows you to touch some of the most beautiful places to touch in Ciociaria by bike.

From Anagni is not difficult then grafted onto a suitable route for cyclists the Velletri – Sgurgola of about 55 km on asphalt, with a maximum gradient of 13%, rightly considered challenging for the very hard climb though short by a Saracen Door in Segni, in addition to the ascended towards Roccamassima and Gorga.


History and Culture


There are several attractions in the area that can be visited in all seasons. For art enthusiasts, the mandatory step is the capital Rome, located on seven hills: the Aventine, the Campidoglio, the Celio, Esquilino, the Palatino, the Quirinale and Viminale.  Crossing the Tiber, the Eternal City offers a panorama of unquestionable beauty of the splendid architectural evidence of cohabitation different times within a single framework.
The buildings of the Roman era, unique examples of architecture built with techniques which Romans were the precursors, churches and palaces of the Renaissance and Baroque fountains and bridges of Rome are a heritage of inestimable artistic value that the world admires.


 And if the center of Rome is breathtaking with works of art, masterpieces of nature scattered over its territory are not to be outdone.
Castelli Romani region is certainly the best known and closest to Rome.
It is located inside the large Latin volcano where very suggestive landscapes.
The two volcanic origin of Castel Gandolfo and Nemi and the large amount of vegetation lakes give this place a unique experience. The many historical and archaeological point of view are the riches scattered in every corner of this beautiful country. One recalls the ancient city of Tusculum, above Frascati, the place with the fountains of Bernini and the Chigi Palace in Ariccia, Villa Aldobrandini Frascati always.
To visit also Tivoli, with its famous Villa Adriana Roman times, the Villa d’Este in the 16th century and the Villa Gregoriana, built in the 19th century and Subiaco, immersed in the Natural Park of Simbruini is the center most known and important to the valley of the Anio. Finally, the Prenestina and Lepine Mountains region, located between the valley of the Anio and passes Albani, is very important for the strong presence of archaeological treasures (remains from Roman times but the Volscians more Castles and palaces dating from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance).




Typical roman dish, very simple to cook and very appreciated by children.
The Saltimbocca are a roman typical dish, with meat, ham …

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