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Cycling Holidays in Piedmont & Langhe

This beautiful region is the gateway to the Italian peninsula

The transition between France and Italy is quite gradual, and when you arrive at the border, you notice that the different architectural styles combine and blend together, so that some buildings look very much like Parisian mansions or other typically French constructions. For example, if you enter Italy via the Col di Tenda, this will take you to Cuneo. Following the road for the centre, you’ll come out in Piazza Galimberti, a lovely open space right in the heart of this wonderful city which epitomises the spirit of Piemonte.
Its little shops, pastry-makers, and bars with wooden balconies in the style of the 1800s, cluster together under the traditional porticos. Now, as in the past, these sheltered colonnades allow the local people to move about, meet up and chat, even at the coldest times of year when the town can record some of the lowest temperatures in Italy. The Alps help protect the territory from the westerly winds and form a natural eastern boundary, merging into the Apennines towards the south.
In the centre of the region lies the vast (in European terms) Po valley plain, with the great river flowing gently through the middle.

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Where to ride


Colle delle finestre

It is a perfect testing ground for those who want to test themselves on one of the most picturesque cycling routes to deal with both the bike race with the mountain bike. The slope of the Colle delle Finestre, is a journey in Piedmont that faces the north side of the mountain pass: it is difficult and technical ascent, 16.9 km long (average gradient of 9%), made ??famous by the Tour of Italy because quite spectacular.


The first time it talked of Colle delle Finestre about cycling was at one of the most beautiful stages and the most beautiful tours of this decade, the 2005: stage won by José Rujano and defense through clenched teeth of the pink jersey by Paolo Savoldelli, able to withstand the attacks since the beginning of the climb, Di Simoni, Di Luca and Rujano. It is a land to escape … as happened in 2011 with the success of the Belarusian Kirienka.

For lovers and tourists who attend bike hotels in Piedmont, and who want to try on this climb, experts recommend using a heart rate monitor to manage well the energies. The part with the largest vertical drop is the first one, the asphalted one, then when the dirt road begins (after 11 km from Susa), the commitment is always hard enough but more regular. Challenging also it is the descent, which requires special attention for the narrow street with hairpin bends. Also to be noted that there is a mountain bike itinerary dedicated, which starts from Coldimosso, 23.10 km long (can be covered in about 6 hours), with 1760 vertical meters (40% asphalt and 13.76% gravel) which is recommended from June to September (it is very difficult).


Alba Langhe Roero

When you are riding a bicycle in these lands forget the plain: either climbing onto or descending. We are in the beautiful province of Alba in Piedmont.
A very convenient feature, but, around here there is: a common feature of these areas is the lack of traffic combined with the asphalt generally in very good condition, offers the opportunity to look around. And particularly appreciate some of the Langhe and Roero itineraries, populated by the tourists. So, enjoy the panorama that these itineraries offer to discover by bike or mountain bike.


In the Astigiano and Monferrato, you will find short ascents and descents but technical routes. In the Langhe climbs are longer and perfect for those who love to test when it goes up!
For those who want to compete, very beautiful are the Gran Fondo Bra-Bra 160 km planned in early May and the Gran Fondo Valli Monregalesi 152 km which is held to the end of May.

For the mountain bike, there are only beautiful paths but still not “tracked”. Among those worth mentioning a beautiful route that was the scene of a non-competitive organized in the context of Millebici in Monferrato, called La Maglia Nera ideal for training on mountain bike trails.
This exhibition, which lasts almost three weeks is new and is set to grow in the tourist area. Although the month of July requires, for cyclists, a sacrifice more: choice of different times for training and a proper hydration. And for sure will be really hot!


Hill of Morenica

Among the most suggestive itineraries in Piedmont for mountain biking, off-road adventure in the Hill Morenica is a classic destination proposed by some bike hotel in Piedmont. From the plain of the Val di Susa, west of Turin, jump with a mountain bike up the Hill Morenica of Rivoli-Avigliana is a gift not far from the city. Within the reach of all. The landscape remains, albeit behind the development of an hurricane, the natural features and…  the flavors of the past.


It is not a difficult destination because the gradients are not anything: there is the pleasure of riding in the woods, in contact with nature and meet here and there testimonies of faith, those of country churches and votive pillars. A brief itinerary inside the Morenica hills of Rivoli is the one that starts from the Rivoli’s Castle and reach the small pond Pessina in the woods hill. It is a very popular route for cyclists during trainings in evening or at least a way to enjoy without having to waste too much time.

The starting point of the tour is the square outside the castle of Rivoli, in the hills (Piazza Mafalda di Savoia), is easily to find it, entering in Rivoli and follow the innumerable directions to the hills and the contemporary art museum, the castle precisely. Alternatively, the ring of Moncuni (Reano) offers an opportunity by mtb for 90% of dirt road from the compact ground in the wood area. Without major technical difficulties, however, proposes a fun descent appreciated by those who do downhill.


History and Culture


Among the bigger Italian region, Piedmont offers to his visitors a lot of attractions, both of landscape and natural that historical, social and cultural. The variety of the landscape spaces from the lowlands in Alexandria, Novara and Vercelli, “coloured” by a radiant green of the rice-fields, to the hills of Astigiano and Canavese, to the Lakes Orta and Maggiore, up to the high mountains that mark the confinements with Switzerland and France, with mythical tops like Rosa Mount. Celebrated in all the world also for the recent winter Olympiads in Turin 2006, the mountain group of Sestriere is one of the more appreciated and attended skiing districts of the Alps.


Abandoned among the hills, the city of Turin – symbolized by the Mole Antonelliana that overhangs it – offers to the tourists a lot of important monuments and cultural attractions.
They are here the important Museums of the Cinema and Egyptian, this last held the most important of the entire world for number and quality of archaeological finds after that of the Cairo in Egypt. The Lingotto City Fair welcomes all the year long important exhibitions, like the most famous devoted to the books and typical gastronomies.

Also famous for the Thermal Bath of Acqui, where they gush out natural warm water sources, Piedmont is represented by the regional masque Gianduia that brings the mind to the homonyms and greedy chocolates, expression of an important typical gastronomy.

About sport, Piedmont is the region of Fausto Coppi, born in Castellania and who lived for a long time in Novi Ligure, where there is the interesting Museum of Campionissimi that he shares with Costante Girardengo who was born here.
Among the excellences of economy, Piedmont expressed some of the greatest Italian marks, exported all over the world, as FIAT and Olivetti, but it is also known for the gold artisan art of Valenza Po, in the Alexandrine.




With Piedmont Bike Hotels you can taste the White Truffle of Alba

From 6 to 18/11  the city of Alba, in the province of Cuneo, becomes the capital of the white truffle, and takes place,in Palatartufo,the World White Truffle of Alba  Market and an important culinary event of Piedmont products.
Go cycling at this time in a Bike Hotel Piemonte can become therefore an occasion to taste typical specialities,to visit the exhibition dedicated to spices, and discover the connection between cinema and truffles in an unprecedented exhibition that shows scenes from famous films, photographs and unpublished posters collectibles that represent the “sweet life” of the truffle.


Book your hotel Pralormo located on a gentle hill in the province of Turin, or a hotel Avignana in the Val di Susa, in the natural park of Avigliana lakes, at the foot of Mount Pirchiriano. To experts cyclist, we recommend a stay in a hotel Pralormo or a hotel Avigliana, and then reaching cycling the city of Alba and its culinary delights.


Piedmont and Gianduiotto

We have to attribute to the Piedmontese maîtres chocolatiers the invention of the gianduia. They have invented a cacao paste, added with the exquisite Piedmontese hazelnuts. The origin of this mix was due to a coincidence. Because of the napoleonic commercial block, the Piedmontese maîtres chocolatiers could not have the necessary cacao to work: this is why they had, then, the idea to add the cacao with the local hazelnuts (reduced in powder), also to avoid the long transports and the expensive costs of the naval hires.


This new paste was worked in chocolates.   In 1865 the chocolate manufacturer Caffarel proposes his revolutionary chocolate, made of cacao and hazelnut powder, with a special shape and first wrapped Two years after this chocolate became “Gianduiotto” in honor of the Piedmontese mask Gianduia. Still today, Caffarel is the only one allowed to use Gianduia mask on its chocolates box. From then, the gianduiotto maintains the same sharp and dimensions of the original chocolates. The handicraft working of the chocolate has its center in Turin where in more than 60 stores you can find full chocolate varieties with fanciful fillings.  The most famous and ancient confectionery of the city is the one on the public Castle Square. Here Cavour used to give in his gluttony.


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