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Cycling Holidays in Ischia: the best bike routes along the Amalfi Coast

Where to ride


Mount Epomeo

The Ischia that not everyone expects… 50 km of dirt roads, headlands, pine forests, woods and mountains until you reach the summit of Mount Epomeo (800 m above sea level), the highest peak of the island that fully dominates the surrounding area.


To reach this peak, you can choose the route that best fits to your level of preparation. If departing from Forio, follow the signs for Panza, where a long ascent will begin covering a distance of about 10 km, through beautiful rolling hills up to Serrara Fontana. Store up some energy because here the climb to Mount Epomeo starts off, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, enchanted forests and ancient tuff yards. The efforts will be well rewarded by the incredible view that can be admired from the summit.

Just enough time to visit the “Water Stone” and then back in the saddle for the descent along the single track, which passing through pristine chestnut forests and plants typical of the Mediterranean scrub will quickly lead to the large secluded beaches that you admired from the top of the majestic Epomeo.


Isola Verde Granfondo

If you wish to experience a unique event in the world of amateur cycling competitions, challenging yourselves alongside other cyclists, we recommend the Isola Verde Granfondo. The event typically takes place in May and offers two routes to choose from: the 70 km medium distance route (2 laps of the island) and the long 100 km route (3 laps of the island).

There is no need to pedal hard, you can proceed towards the finish line at your own pace without haste, event stopping for refreshments or taking in some of the breathtaking views.

The ascent of Mount Faito

For those who enjoy climbs, there’s Mount Faito, close to the Sorrento Peninsula. It’s a proper challenge for the true climber!

Any cyclist with a natural love of climbing, the sort who really wants to put his stamina to the test, will certainly find satisfaction in the demanding ascent of Mount Faito. The starting point is Castellammare di Stabia and after a ride of 12 kilometres you reach the terminus for the Mount Faito cable car, at a height of 1100 metres.


The climb is quite hard, and the fact that the road surface is not in perfect condition makes the ascent even more testing. The average gradient is almost 9%, but in some sections rises above 11%.

Right from the start of the climb, the dominant colours in your surroundings will be the blue of the sea and the green of the thick woodland you are cycling through. Once you have left Castellammare, and after Parco Quisisana, the real business of the climb begins, consisting of a series of very steep bends, some over a paved surface.

But when you reach the top you can enjoy a rich reward: a spectacular view over the Gulf of Naples with the Islands of Campania scattered in the incredible blue of the sea, and majestic Vesuvius dominating the skyline.


History and Culture


The green island of Ischia is well known for its many thermal baths, but is also wonderfully rich in history, culture and traditions.

One of the most attractive places to visit is undoubtedly the Aragonese Castle and historic town of Ischia Ponte, also known as the “Borgo di Celsa” thanks to its many mulberry trees. The castle stands on a small islet connected to the village by a narrow causeway. This Aragonese castle is certainly one of the finest in the Mediterranean region and has attracted many artists, writers and poets.


The charming old town of Ischia Ponte, the focal point of the island, is a centre of fishing and seafaring and famous for its narrow streets and fine historic mansions. A wander through these little alleyways, with their craft shops and aroma of local Ischia cooking, is surely one of the most pleasant ways to get to know this enchanting little island.

If you are keen to go swimming, you really should visit the Bay of Cartaromana, close to Ischia Ponte and famous for its beautiful beach and distinctive cliffs. However, it is even more renowned for its association with the ancient Roman settlement of Aenaria, which stood here between the first century BC and the fourth century AD and is now submerged beneath the waters of the bay.



Another lovely destination for cycling holidays, which also combines a wealth of artistic heritage and traditions, is the delightful Amalfi Coast. This is a very beautiful and evocative landscape, with little inlets and caves, and breath-taking views over the blue Tyrrhenian Sea.

It is therefore an area which is not only scenically beautiful, but also has a valuable legacy of history and artistic tradition. The coastline is associated with numerous myths and legends, many of which date back to the time of the Romans.


In all events, this is certainly one of the world’s most stunning areas, and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.

Nowadays, the territory consists of twelve municipalities, all of special environmental, historical and artistic interest: from the Roman villas at Minori and Positano, dating back to the first century AD, to the wonderful examples of the goldsmith’s art on display in the local churches, or to the natural wonder of the Valle dei Mulini (Valley of the Mills).

One of the historic attractions you should certainly visit is the archaeological zone of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata: cities buried by the great eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, leaving a historic legacy unique throughout the world.


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