Euganean Hills & Venice

Mountain Bike & Downhills in Euganean Hills & Venice

Recommended bike: a front with 29-inch wheels and double crankset with conventional gear ratios.
We suggest you follow the route of a competition which takes place in June; the Atestina Superbike event.
This is a very interesting circuit which takes you through the southern section of the hills, those towards Este.
Indeed this where we start from to go off exploring this area, with its wealth of history, natural beauty, parks and villas: all set amongst these quiet hills just a short distance from cities such as Venice, Padua and Vicenza.

The Challenges


The Atestina Superbike Trail

We leave from Este, following signs for Calaone, and on the road leading to Valle San Giorgio we have to tackle the fairly difficult Canguro ascent.
The climb starts near Pianoro, using an unmade but fairly even track which takes us to a clearing. We can then join the metalled road leading to Mount Ventolone, but we don’t go the whole distance; instead, we leave this road to follow the firebreak, which takes us on a brisk ride to Valsanzibio.
This is the starting-point of the Sette Guadi ascent, which takes its name from the competition that is held here. After a series of short climbs and descents, we ride through a wine estate under Mount Fasolo.
From here, it is a matter of cycling through the long stretches of vineyards encircling the mountain until we get back to the San Giorgio Valley, from where we return to Este.
If you want to take on one last challenge, then after following the competition route for 32 km, at the end of Via Dea Santa you come to a very arduous climb of over 1 km and with an average gradient of 27%.
You need to take this at a measured pace, or you will certainly freeze up on this wall.
The choice is yours. Don’t forget to look around you as you follow the course of this very special event: at the hillsides covered in vineyards and dotted with beautiful villas, at the spa centres, and at the flat plains teeming with life and industry.
This is a route well worth tackling for its unique character, and even if it does not involve climbing majestic peaks, you will still find it quite challenging to complete the whole of the proposed circuit.


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