Euganean Hills & Venice
Euganean Hills & Venice
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Cycling Holidays in Euganean Hills & Venice

A strange apparition

When we are either observing or travelling through higher places such as mountains or hills, we are generally able to identify them in terms of the chain or group to which they belong and which defines their precise geographical location within a larger or smaller region. The “Colli Euganei” (Euganean Hills), on the other hand, seem to emerge out of nowhere between the provinces of Vicenza and Padua, like a strange, solitary apparition rising out of the flatness of the surrounding plain.
With their green, modestly-sized hills, they make a pleasant break from the constantly level horizon.
The 600-metre Mount Venda rises above the other hills in the group and appears to be their undisputed leader.
However, when we start to explore the hill more closely, we discover some lovely shady areas of woodland. The vegetation is generally low-growing, but there are also lovely chestnut woods which would seem more at home in the Apennines.
From the top, you have the unusual sight of a hill abruptly meeting a plain, and the strangest horizon you will see from any mountain: a flat surface reaching right to the edge of the Adriatic, just a short distance away.
Looking north, you can make out the proper mountains of the Veneto region: a delightful surprise.

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Where to ride


Euganean Hills – Sanctuaries of Abano Terme

The territory of the Euganean Hills is perfect for those who want to begin to approach the cycling because there is plain but there are also climbing. And it is not long. Choose a bike hotel in Veneto and design “around” it training by bicycle can really be a winning idea.


Without running into monotony. Because if cycling routes in Veneto are known and varied, here, in the Euganean Hills area, there is the chance to compete with the bike and with the culture at the same time. Such as for a cycling tour around the Sanctuaries in Abano Terme. It is a perfect opportunity to combine sport with the pleasure of discovering a territory, among the most cultural than many bike routes in Veneto.

Itineraries in Veneto that become even events like the beautiful Gran Fondo Blubike Euganean Hills with its two routes, which measures 141 km with 1949 meters in altitude, the average of 106 km to 1314 meters in altitude.
For those who love mountain bike racing, the most fun bike routes in Veneto, is certainly the Gran Fondo Atestina Super Bike, a full race, nice mix of climbs and descents immersed in Regional Park of Euganean Hills. A race characterized by the “ascent Canguro” which extends along approximately 1km, on concrete and rather hard, the same ascent that is used for the race Baone Euganean Hills mountain bike Cup.

By the municipality of Baone start beautiful natural trails on Mountains Cecilia, Gemona, Cero and Calaone.


History and Culture


Abano Terme is located at the foot of the Euganean Hills, in a volcanic area that now is inactive for a long time, from the mild climate for nearly all the year. It is famous for the great spa complex, but also for its precious monuments and historical houses.
Bassi Villa with the civic Museum and the valuable collection of antiques, the Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria Assunta of Praglia, parks of Barbarigo Villa in Valsanzibio and Bembiana Villa. Without forgetting that Abano and Montegrotto are only 10 Km from Padova, a city of art and faith, note for the Basilica of Sant’Antonio and the artworks of Giotto inside.



Veneto Our cuisine

The Padova gastronomy has many similarities with that of Veneto.
Among the first local dishes there are the bigoli, a pasta similar to spaghetti. Other typical dishes are the rice and noodles in broth of duck and then the Veneto Berico-euganeo DOP ham, realized in the areas of Lower Padovana and Low Vicentina, the luganega sausage long and thin, and the equine products.
Among the wines are famous ones of the Euganean Hills, Cabernet and Merlot. Among the typical sweets stand out the “fugassa”, the “smegiassa”, the “sugoli”.

Typical dishes from Veneto

About wines and typical products, Veneto is in absolute among the Italian Regions more “rich”. From Belluno’s Dolomites to Rovigo and Padua’s lowland crossing through Vicenza, Treviso, Lake of Garda and Venice Lagoon, it doesn’t fear comparisons with other regions. On the lawns and pastures of the highland of Asiago, whose district includes 7 Communes between 1.000 and 2.300 meters high, it is produced the homonym excellent cheese.


But Veneto is also the region of Prosecco, famous fizzy white wine that nothing has to envy to the sparkling wine and is the absolute protagonist on the hills surrounding Valdobbiadene and Montebelluna. In the same province of Treviso is well known the red chicory, famous as its “colleagues” of Verona and Chioggia. If you make a trip in Venice, the recommended typical dishes are the liver of pig, so named “to the Venetian” and cooked with a lot of onions, and the “Sardinians in saor”, also cooked with onion and vinegar or white wine. In the entire region you can find excellent stuffed dicker, risi e bisi and polenta e osei (generally quails) usually served with the typical white polenta.

If you are in Vicenza or in its province, here the culinary tradition is famous for the dried cod, but also for bigoli, big spaghetti taut to the press typical from Bassano del Grappa and usually cooked with duck sauce. But firstly for the wines and lake fish, besides that for Olive Oil, is famous Verona’s Coast on the Garda Lake.

Here you can taste excellent glasses of red wines Bardolino and Valpolicella, but also Teroldego and Merlot. Typical and savoury, the extra virgin oil of Garda, excellent to season the fishes of lake but not only. If you want to order a dish of lasagnes, just remember that here they call them “pasticcio”. And if you come in winter, don’t forget that Verona is the town of Pandoro.


Bike disciplines in Euganean Hills & Venice


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