Alto Adige and South Tyrol
Alto Adige and South Tyrol
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Cycling Holidays in Alto Adige & South Tyrol

From the South Tyrolean Alpine passes to village lanes and perfectly paved bike paths, winding through the landscape’s various valleys up to the daring off-road descents, and itineraries that meander at an altitude of over 2,500 metres through mountain pastures, Alto Adige & South Tyrol; it takes preparation and sweat, but offers exceptional scenery and excitement.


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Destination Highlights

1. Alto Adige & South Tyrol is the area with the highest number of passes that are easily reachable during your outings, such as the Sella Pass, Rombo Pass, Gardena Pass, Monte Giovo Pass, Pennes Pass, Mendola Pass, Stalle Pass, but also the Stelvio Pass;

2. Reach the biggest plateau in Italy;

3. Scale the most famous climbs in the world; it’s no coincidence that the biggest cycling events take place on these streets.

4. Participate in the queen of the Gran Fondo rides: the Marathon of the Dolomites

5. Alto Adige & South Tyrol offers over 5,000 kilometres of routes of varying difficulty for mtb enthusiasts who, with a bit of imagination, become much more;

6. Participate in the toughest marathon in the world: Sudtirol Dolomites Hero

7. There are steep climbs and equally steep descents, the road surfaces are gravelly and slippery, with rocks and roots.

Bike disciplines in Alto Adige and South Tyrol


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