Mountain Bike & Downhills in Abruzzo

High mountains, peaceful trails through the hills, bike parks with thrilling single-track descents.
This is the Garden of Eden for mountain bikers… this is Abruzzo.


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The Challenges


Mountain Biking in Abruzzo

It is well-known that the mountain bike is the ideal way to establish close contact between the cyclist and the natural world.
Abruzzo has more than 300 km of rough roads and tracks available for cyclists, allowing you to really become a part of the world around you and fully engaging all your senses.
You can lose yourself in the forest, searching for remote and ancient places in the National Parks, you can enjoy the excitement of single-track descents and experience all the thrills of the bike parks, you can follow ancient paths or mule-tracks, once only used only by herdsmen and their animals, and you can stop off at a restaurant in one of the many lovely villages in the hills.
A mountain-bike holiday in Abruzzo will offer you all the excitement, stimulation and satisfaction you are looking for. It is not just a matter of gears, chains, legs and lungs: all your senses will be involved.
You will gaze at breath-taking views, sample delicious, wholesome food, breathe in the heady scents of the forest, bask in the warmth and kindness of the people, and hear only the quiet hiss of your wheels on the limitless trail.


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