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Cycling Holidays in Abruzzo

Challenging mountain climbs, pleasant rides through the hills, or relaxing outings by the sea

Abruzzo has cycle routes to suit every taste and style.
With more than a third of its land area covered by Nature Parks and Protected Areas, Abruzzo offers a greater diversity of cycle routes than any other Italian region.
The combination of the Adriatic coastline, the green hills of the inland area and the imposing Apennine Mountains will certainly make your cycling holiday a very special and fulfilling experience. You can choose from among some stunning routes through the mountains and hills, in search of ancient abbeys, hermitages and sanctuaries; or else you can enjoy a relaxing ride along the coast, following the Abruzzo Adriatic Cycle Path. Off-road enthusiasts have a choice of hundreds of kilometres of paths and mule-tracks dating back to the time of traditional farming and taking you through beautiful, unspoilt countryside.
On the other hand, downhill and freeride fanatics can enjoy all the thrills and excitement of hurtling down the amazing tracks at the Campo Felice and Prato Selva bike parks.
So, whatever your particular interest or style as a cyclist, Abruzzo is sure to come up with an answer.


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Where to ride


The Abruzzo dedicated to cyclist is overlooking the Gran Sasso. The paths on the Gran Sasso are in fact a unique discovery: that of an area that is still nature and fauna with its pure mountain biking routes mostly drawn in the National Park (Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga) that has 320 km of trails ideal for walking, mountain biking or horseback riding.


Altitude: attached Gran Fondo Danilo Di Luca
Degree of difficulty: average and expert cyclist 4 and 5 stars

Although, the bike trails in this region squeeze in reality more a wink to the specialists of the road, professional or amateur, who know how cycling in Abruzzo has an impressive CV to rely on, ideal routes and not too busy roads. An area for cycling that got lots of Champions as Danilo Di Luca and the unforgettable Vito Taccone.
Among the itineraries tested by cyclists Prati di Tivo, at 1500 meters above sea level with its rise of 15 km (1000 meters in altitude and in hairpin bends) and then the plain of Campo Imperatore, at an altitude of 2100 meters, in L’Aquila side that did write some beautiful pages of our national cycling and more. The Gran Sasso, both from the Terni side and from that of Aquila, was repeatedly ground of real battle for the Corsa Rosa. Here you can feel the passion for cycling, for cycling feats and it is also for this that Gran Fondo Danilo Di Luca have successful that runs for 140 km (along the path) with an elevation of 2800 meters, starting and arrival in Chieti and at the end of the 1310 meters of Passolanciano to make the final selection.
To Gran Sasso bike: you can do everything you want. To guide you on the mountain biking trails in Abruzzo and also choose some race or event, there are the proposals of thevery active Association of the same name.


History and Culture


A land of sea and mountains, amongst Italy’s most unspoilt regions in terms of environment, but also the home of ancient activities, with fishermen, farmers and shepherds. The essence of Abruzzo lies in the bond between its landscape and its inhabitants, a bond that is slowly evolving into a thriving tourist industry that nevertheless fully respects local traditions.


Abruzzo’s landscape is always dominant, in a constant alternation of verdant valleys and harsh rocky cliffs, isolated countryside and townships nestling on hilltops.
The roads, never busy, offer an unbeatable interpretation of the region’s territory, and a growing number of cyclists leave the coast behind them, leaving it to their instincts to explore the many fascinating facets of Abruzzo.
If you prefer to keep within easy reach of the sea, the area inland from Pescara, with an ample zone of hills, offers excursions that can be tackled by almost anyone. The ancient town of Città Sant’Angelo can be easily reached, forming a natural balcony allowing the best of Abruzzo to be admired, first and foremost the Adriatic Sea, and then the breathtaking panoramas of Mount Maiella, and further away the Gran Sasso.
Just a few kilometres away is Atri, perhaps Abruzzo’s oldest settlement, located on ravines and caves inhabited since Neolithic times, but now pervaded by a distinctly mediaeval atmosphere, with its cathedral, churches and the Ducal Palace.
Even stronger emotions can be savoured further inland, where the highest mountain chains of the Apennines are to be found.
The roads that climb the slopes of these mountains reach particularly steep gradients, suitable only for cyclists who have trained intensively, but some climbs are truly legendary. One of these leads to Prato di Tivo, 15 km of excitement immersed in a splendid landscape.
Montorio al Vomano is the starting point in June for the Gran Sasso Road Race, which leads participants on a tour of Abruzzo’s most characteristic attractions.




Pasta production is very widespread, and one of the most famous varieties is maccheroni. Indeed, in Abruzzo, the word “pasta” is practically synonymous with maccheroni, and especially “maccheroni alla chitarra” (guitar-style maccheroni).
This way of preparing maccheroni has become symbolic of the gastronomy of the region. The name derives from the fact that the maccheroni are produced using a real form of stringed instrument: a rectangular beechwood frame fitted with extremely fine steel wires, placed just 1 millimetre apart. By placing a sheet of pasta on this “guitar” and pressing it down with a rolling-pin, you can produce the traditional maccheroni.
Popular accompaniments to “maccheroni alla chitarra” are either a lamb sauce, or the classic combination of tomatoes and basil.

Bike disciplines in Abruzzo


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