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Liguria of Ponente & Finale
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Cycling Holidays in the Liguria of Ponente & Finale

This is a journey of heart-rending beauty which remains forever engraved in the memory

Forget everything you may have seen and done so far because this long and narrow land hides often unimaginable treasures, the product of a history in these parts that has left its undeniable mark, from the wayfarers and pilgrims who travelled along the ancient salt routes. Here, where the mountains stand out tall against the sea and the hilly area climbs up and spreads out across a thousand roads that become trails, mule tracks and sometimes simple footpaths. The course from the sea to the mountains is very short, across hidden trails and wonderful tranquil streets offering a panoramic view over Liguria.


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Where to ride


Cinque terre

Cinque Terre means cycling fatigue and pleasure of the landscape. It is no coincidence between the paths in Cinque Terre was born one of the great amateur of Gran Fondo considered among the toughest races of the type. For bike lovers, Cinque Terre is certainly one of the most beautiful places in Italy. If you follow the route of the Gran Fondo, we realize that there are no many long climbs but all are demanding. There is no a meter of plain. To revive these areas affected by the flood of 2011, also contribute to the bike hotel in Liguria.


The landscape is among the most beautiful and enjoyable by bicycle: for the appearance on the Ligurian Sea and the Mediterranean scrub. On the trail of the Gran Fondo Cinque Terre the path runs on 149 km to 3000 m in altitude with a panoramic view of the Gulf of La Spezia. Among the efforts to report there is an ascent to the Colletta of Guaitarola, also addressed by the Tour of Italy, which pass through the Passo del Bracco, then the long descent towards Deiva Marina.

Are tracked, these, that make a difference in level of cycling speaking, just as happened in the Tour of Italy, as well as challenging to facilitate the escapes . On these roads also undertakes the youth cycling through the Lunigiana Tour, for juniors, which winds through the province of La Spezia and Massa Carrara within 40 km.The National Park of 5 Terre, however, noted for lovers of mountain bike itineraries for all levels in off-road.

Those used to cycling for kilometres on end are quite familiar with the Cinque Terre area and with the coastal Ligurian region, a paradise seemingly created to entice and satisfy road cyclists and mountain bikers alike.

For those who enjoy challenges, we offer an exceptionally tough itinerary through the “Caprazoppa” mountains, a steep dirt trail that leads from Finalborgo to the Caprazzoppa plateau. Once reaching the top, riders can enjoy the spectacular panorama of green spaces, nature and deep forests, cycling through the trees and meadows, with their intense aroma of grass and dew. The return towards Finalborgo offers technical sections, sure to challenge the cyclists.

Another route offering steep climbs together with enduro downhills, is that of San Michele, characterised by paved roads alternating with dirt trails that pass through towns such as Noli, located on the western coast of the Ligurian (or Italian) Riviera. The journey ends in Varigotti, a hamlet of Finale Ligure.



It was the Classic competition of springtime, the race that opened the season of cycling champions. Today, the Milan-Sanremo which has already celebrated its centenary is much more. It is an historic race that is no longer the spring of the races, but remained, however, one of the best races in the world. To run. To win.
Almost always in the sprint. As if before that goal to reach by bike in Sanremo, there is nothing but pedaling. That is why it is marked on the route of some of the most beautiful bicycle routes.


The experts who try to win it, know it very well. Just as the amateurs, a holiday destination by bike and on the track, preferably during the same name Gran Fondo dedicated to them who test themselves “on bike” with great satisfaction and no little effort. The Gran Fondo Milan-Sanremo in fact proposes in cycling key, the route taken by the champions, of about 290 km from Milan and crossing three regions: Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria. Including the fascinating challenge on the climb of the Turchino and “Capi”: the Mele, Cervo, the Berta, the Cipressa and Poggio.

It is no coincidence that this Gran Fondo is one of the most popular of the year, in 2013 will start on the 9th of June and the latest edition saw 900 cyclists at the start! To get to that last descent that is directed towards Sanremo, a pulse-pounding shot that saw the celebration of the greatest champions of cycling. This is a really hard race with its 300 km, it is not a simple stroll.


Pian dei corsi

Finale Ligure has many resources for a bike holiday to all intents and purposes, a little bit exploratory. Among the many mountain bike routes also suggested by the hotels for cyclists is that, all for cycling, running from Altare and reach the mythical Base NATO in Pian dei Corsi.
Many bikers know it for its descent, considered by experts the most beautiful single-track descents in the area, the destination of free riders from all over Europe.


The ideal path suggested departing from Altare ahead for about 3 km on the road towards Mallare, then turns on a stretch of dirt road towards the Colla del Termine and at this point reaches the high street of the Ligurian Mountains that entering into a spectacular beech forest and joins with the Colla San Giacomo. About 1.5 km of gravel road, you leave turning to the right to climb up a steep path. Then the crossing of the fields of Boè and the last climb up to the Colla Cravarezza. From here, the trail continues to the left focusing on wind turbines installed at the ex-Base NATO in Pian dei Corsi. And then nosedive, on the fun descent on San Giacomo.

If these first descriptions make you feel excited and you are on your cycling holiday, however a little bit trained, the event to be reported is undoubtedly the Alta Via Stage Race, a sort of tour of Liguria by mountain bike that, for nine days brings you from Ceparana (La Spezia) to Dolceacqua (Imperia) along a route of about 500 km with an altitude of 11 thousand meters.


History and Culture


The troubled story of the Liguria, the dark and splendid ages have left an amazing amount of testimony to live, not only closed in the museums but also in the architecture of the coloured towns facing the sea and in the small villages along the tortuous road which bring towards the l’Appennino.
On west coast among the many localities one can find frequent beaches: Sanremo, Laigueglia, Loano, Finale and Varazze which reflect the thousand year old history of Ligure and with their sun satisfy the most pressing demands of its visitors.


San Remo the city of flowers and Festivals that presents itself to the tourist with its palms along the coast, conserves an antic heart, the medieval center called Pigna, barricaded on the hill, in circles with covered passages, archs, fountains and staircases. At Laigueglia, known for the opening of the cyclist’s trophy, one can find the tower of the horse, a typical construction used to survey the area.

Loano, an old center with roman origins, and for hundreds of years place to the feud of the family Doria, conserves many houses from the 17th century of which there is the Communal Palace; at a few kilometers one can find the Tirano grotto. Finale Ligure includes the habitants of Finalmarina, Finalpia and Finalborgo, this last has maintained in the centuries its medieval structure, overlooked by the Gavone and S.Giovanni Castle it conserves between its walls many buildings of great prestige.




In Sant’Olcese, Liguria, the 7th Edition of the Chocolate Fair

Your stay in a bike-hotel Liguria can become really a taste experience. The big news of this edition will be the presence of Ernest Kham, master pastry chef of international renown,who will create, live, the Christ of Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro.


The chocolate sculpture will be 120 cm high on a base of 70 cm all in pure chocolate! Liguria and bike-hotels Liguria are confirmed, then, the capital of taste, for an event that will conquer everyone, from adults to children.
If you book a hotel in sanremo or a hotel in finale ligure, you can join the event, see the realization of beautiful chocolate sculptures, and try the real taste of a holiday in Liguria. Our bike-hotels finale ligure are equipped to accomodate cyclists on vacation, but they will also give you all the informations you need to join this greedy event.


Pesto alla genovese Basilic Sauce

To make the real Ligurian Pesto, you need a marble bowl, a wooden pestle and a lot of patience. The first written recipe dates half XIX century and has never change till now.

Liguria’s cuisine

In Italy it is normal to get used to the good cooking, but it is always enthusiastically to discover the typical receipts of various regional cuisine. Each corner of our country is characterised by a lot of typical products, more and more appreciated by the tourist more “careful” while reading the menus.
Characterized by a morfo-geographical disposition particularly lengthened among a long coast and the mountains and bordering with four different Italian regions over that with France, Liguria got in its regional cooking a crowd of tastes and gastronomic influences.


From Ventimiglia to La Spezia, crossing castled suburbs in the mountains like Triora or Toirano touristic towns famous for witches and caves, it is a continuous of culinary specialties. The most famous is with no doubt the pesto, tasty seasoning for first dishes gotten mixing garlic, oil, pinoli, cheese pecorino and basil. According the tradition crushed by hand rigorously in a mortar of marble, it represents the “natural death” for typical hand-made pastas of Liguria like trenette or trofie. In the many greenhouses also famous for the flower, the basil for the production of pesto is one among the typical products much exported in the entire world.

Exactly to the centre of Genoa Gulf, but a little eastern of the city of the Lantern, Recco is famous to be the kingdom of focaccia, excellent stuffed with soft cheese. Among the wines, excellent are those of Tigullio Gulf, typical of the coast between Genoa and Savona, but first of all the Vermentino, typical vine that Liguria shares with Sardinia. Oil and citrus that here grow for a moderate climate not common in other regions of Italy, complete the panorama of Liguria gastronomy.


Bike disciplines in Liguria of Ponente & Finale


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