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Italy Bike Hotels: much more than a Bike Hotels Group

Who we are

Italy Bike Hotels was the first Italian consortium to cater for cyclists. It was founded in 2000 by a group of hoteliers passionate about this particular sport, and is dedicated to providing facilities for all cycling enthusiasts.
With fourteen years of experience behind it, the consortium has become an important reference point for four types of clientele: cyclists, mountain-bikers, cycle tourists and triathletes, offering all of these categories tailor-made hospitality and services.
Our mission is to promote Italy to cyclists from all over the world.

Our hotel standards

Nowadays, the Group consists of fifty-eight 3* and 4* hotels, situated in places of particular interest to cyclists thanks to the number of good road routes, or to itineraries through mountainous terrain which are of special attraction to mountain-bikers.
All our bike hotels offer very high professional standards and tailor-made services for cyclists from every part of the world.
Indeed, we are well aware that providing hospitality for cyclists requires a considerable degree of knowledge and expertise. For this reason, any hotel wishing to join the Group has to conform to a particular set of criteria: in other words, they have to provide certain specific services and facilities for any client travelling by bicycle.
All our bike hotels therefore possess these essential requirements, and are periodically monitored and checked by a specialist marketing consultant, to ensure that our clients everywhere are receiving the same high standards of service.

Team training camps

Thanks to our professional approach, our hotels are often used by many professional cycling teams for training camps during the course of the year, including Rusvelo, Wiggle Honda, Team Lopek, Areazero Pro, MTB PRO-Team COLNAGO-Südtirol, and many more.

Our team

Italy Bike Hotels is not just a specialised group of hotels. Above all, it is a working team made up of professional people from many different parts of the world.
The business of marketing and promoting the consortium, the selection of member hotels and the continuing relationship with them, the study of market trends and new collaborations with top brands in the world of international cycling: these are all initiatives stemming from the collaborative efforts of the Consortium’s Marketing Manager, Chiara Paviani, and our German Consultant, Herwig Reus. The latter is also responsible for managing public relations with the Consortium’s valued partners, including Colnago, Limar, Bike Channel, Bicisupport, Elite, Etichsport, L’eroica, GF USA, Eurosport, Roadbike, and Bike Division.
Herwig has had twenty years’ experience in the world of cycling: he has been Senior Brand Concept Manager for Adidas; Marketing Director for Derby Cycle, Germany’s largest bike manufacturer; a Vice Director for Deutsche Telekom, organising events and sponsoring teams of foreign cyclists; Marketing Manager for an important cycling publication, Fahrstil – das Radkulturmagazin, and Marketing Director for Specialized Bicycle Components in California, one of the biggest global brands in the field of cycle products.

A passion for cycling shared by Herwig, Jered and Ashley

The many articles written by Herwig and published on our portal chronicle the varied experiences and emotions of cyclists on holiday along the Adriatic Riviera. These accounts are always accompanied by beautiful, evocative images, taken by the professional American photographers, Jered and Ashley Gruber. This talented pair, with no fixed abode, can be found constantly pedalling around Europe chasing the perfect shot; picking up stories, looking for new routes, and searching for the next wonderful place to immortalise.

For more information

On our portal, you will find detailed information regarding competitions, tours through Italy’s loveliest regions, our member hotels and special holiday offers. If you need further details, please write to us at:

It’s our passion that makes the difference!

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